It’s a new day and we have a new cookie to check out! This time coming from Performix who seem to be expanding their edible range with their new protein cookies being added alongside their previous hit protein wafers release.
Hi-Tech Pharma is at it again with Laxogenin 100, a new plant based muscle builder. The promise of all plant based Laxogenics is a natural alternative to pro-hormones and other type of Anabolics. But reality is that most current laxogenin based supplements are both expensive and suffer from relatively low effectives (due to the way laxogenin is digested). The new Laxogenin 100 from Hi-Tech Pharma is designed to answer both of these issues.
What if you could have it all? What if you could have an amazing coffee creamer while adding 20g of protein to your coffee? Yes, you heard it right! 20g protein to your coffee. Well, our friend Chris Oltman made this magic happen, and believe it or not it only takes 10 seconds. Want to know how? Well watch his video here.
Say what?? Ultimate Orange is back? Most of you Fitness Deal News readers, probably are too young to know this. But Ultimate Orange was THE pre workout back in the 90's. Yeah, before JACK3D came into the market and made the pre-workout industry what it is today. Ultimate Orange was an Ephedra based pre which was as old school as it gets. The strange looking bodybuilding supplement was all the rage, and if you were a serious lifter you were drinking this orange thing.
MYPROTEIN are by far the KINGS of value for money. And with their Impact Whey protein product, they are one of the best selling whey protein on the planet. But, we’re not here to talk about the great price you get for it. Impact Whey is available in over 30 (!!!) flavors. That’s a lot of choices, and that’s what we are going to help you with here. We want to give you our top 6 flavors that we think are the best among the bunch.
Primeval Labs are a rising star of the supplement world. In the last year, they have produced some great products in numerous categories, and with XANIX they are adding another category they look to take over. XANIX is the company’s new sleeping & recovery aid with a twist. It is not supposed to knock you down, but rather to make the best out of your sleep time by reducing stress while putting your body in a more anabolic state. Starting off with a very cool name (a spin on Xanax in case you missed it)...Let’s see if it continues Primeval Labs’ strong run.
Best 10 Men’s Multivitamins for 2017
In this article, we will be looking at ten of the best multivitamins aimed at men that 2017 has to offer. We’ll take a brief look at the company, then the ingredients list (though due to the fact that each pack will contain 30+ ingredients this will be very brief), and then evaluate the product as a whole...
primeval labs eaa max energy review
Primeval Labs have been killing it with their products in the last year. They’ve produced some great products and the expectations are high from any new supplement they release. The EAA Max Energy is the new version of the original EAA Max, an intra workout amino formula which we reviewed here. This version adds energy boosting ingredients to the mix to make this product a coffee or even pre workout replacement...
Best DMAA Pre-Workout & Fat Burners for 2017
DMAA also known as 1,3-Dimethylamylane is a stimulant that is synthetically made rather than naturally occurring. It was invented in 1944 and was commonly used as a decongestant (in the same way that ephedrine was used to combat chesty colds). Like ephedrine at its time, DMAA is was banned by the FDA in 2012. But its actual status is still unclear as the issue is still being debated in the courts. DMAA is commonly used in fat burners and pre-workouts. In this review, we are going to look at 5 pre-workout supplements that contain DMAA and 3 fat burners...
ProSupps Mr. Hyde NitroX & Dr. Jekyll NitroX review
The new pre workout series from ProSupps, the NitroX Series, is the brand’s newest products. It features the new versions for the Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll pre workouts called the Hyde NitroX and Jekyll NitroX. The new products have some new ingredients that replaced some of the old ingredients, and we’d like to help you understand how the new versions compare to their predecessors...