Bodybuilding Shoes - A Beginner Guide
Searching for the best bodybuilding lifting shoes is quite a difficult endeavour, partly because there is so much choice out there, partly because not many reviewers know enough about biomechanics to give an accurate review, and partly because wearing the right shoes for different exercises is actually quite a complicated process.
Gaspari Halodrol (Pro-Hormone) - Back on the Shelfs
With over 50 new products introduced just in the last 12 months into the stim free preworkout stratosphere, it seems that the supplement makers are settling on one main promise “I’ll bring you skin tearing Pumps and and make your muscles look full as --BEEP---“
Muscletech Anarchy Pre Workout Review
MuscleTech is one of the largest supplement brands around with a huge product range. With in mind, the Pre Workout category has never been one of their stronger points. Anarchy is for sure the most aggressive attempt in the last years to claim a position in this hugely popular category.
Top 15 Fitness Beasts You Should Be Following On Twitter
We are all the way through January. Are you still going strong on your fitness goals? Or have you lost motivation? We know how hard it is to stick with your workout plan from day to day.

That is why we put together a list of the top fitness beasts you should be following on Twitter. These guys know what they are talking about, and you will certainly find the motivation you need to keep going...
Essential Apps for Staying Fit on the Go
Keeping your workout and nutrition regiment is a tough task by definition. But as any travelling gym rat will tell you doing this when travelling is much harder. Trying to keep track of food intake and tracking your workout program while on the go can be a real hassle. With that in mind we have gathered a great set of apps that can help you stay fit & lean while on the go.

We have installed and used almost a 100 relevant apps and our selection criteria was focused on ease of use, functionality and affordability. The review is designed to give you a quick snapshot of what the app is about, why we chose it and where to get it....
In a study performed by researchers in Lund University in Sweden, Lingoberries were found to almost completely prevent weight gain in mice. Seriously? Yeah, Seriously!

The researches took 2 groups of mice, and put one group on a high fat diet and the second group on a low fat diet. They then split the 2 groups into 9 mini groups each and fed them with a type of berry (Lingonberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackcurrant and even the ‘super’ berry – Acai).

They run the experiment for 3 months. And the results?
5 signs you are UNDER Training
Over training is a common problem in weight training…and has been a topic of discussion for decades. Well, we do believe over training is real, but as any serious bodybuilder will tell you, the more common phenomena is what we call ‘under training’. Check out our post and Infographic and don't forget to tell us what you think!
What does the Israeli Army Know about Beta Alanine that You Don't?
If you were looking for that one last reason to start supplementing with Beta Alanine, then this just might be it. Take a look at this summary of the research results published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

The experiment was performed with 20 male soldiers. The subjects were given 6 g beta-alanine daily for four weeks, or a placebo. The soldiers had to complete a set of trials that involved 2.6 mile running, followed by five countermovement jumps, a 120-metre sprint, target shooting and finally mental arithmetic (Before and after the experiment period)...
3 Surprising Healthy Cheats Under 100 Calories
Summer is just around the corner and a lot of us are in the midst of our cut. And We all at some point get that craving, needing to get something sweet into your body! But you just can’t afford the calories or your macros can’t handle the fat?

If only you had something that is actually food (not powder), fills you up and tastes great.

We feel you bro and we are here to help you. Our team sat down and came up with these 3 surprisingly low calorie cheats. Yeah! A sweet cheat with less than 100 calories and a surprising macro profile.
Ok! Let the countdown begin...