blog-iconBy [email protected] Posted on January 23, 2014

Why did you start Fitnessdealnews?


We are a couple (yes married+) that are crazy about fitness and health. And we  found oursleves

spending hundreds of dollars a month on supplements, gym memebership and apparel.

There’s no shortage of deal sites out a there. But just like in a lot of other areas you cannot be good at

everything.That’s why when we where looking for things that matter to us on a daily basis like

supplements, gym apparel and equipment, all these great deal sites would offer us the a laptop

deal 🙂


And frankly, we get it…It is impossible to be an expert kitchenware and understand what a far

burner is. So, here we are, with the first deal and coupon site dedictaed to everything

fitness. With a clear mission to help you get fit on a budget!


How do you screen and handpick deals?


Our team goes through hundreds of deals from tens of websites and we only publish GREAT deals.

It is important to note, that our team are fitness fanatics just like us so, they know what’s

hot and what’s not…

Here’s a glimpse of the process: We look at

the deals published by online stores and compare them to our database of historic prices and to

other prices over the web. We then make sure we understand the real value of the deal. We will

then only publish the deals that are of real value and we think you (and we..) would find



Besides the deals what else can I find at your site?


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  • Before you buy anything from anywhere you should see if we have a coupon available for you.
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Fitness Bits…what’s that about?


Well, we told you we love fitness. Fitness bits is our ‘giving back to the community’ effort. In fitness bits we

publish both fun and educational fitness related content, ranging from hillarious music videos

we produce and our unique Science not for sceintics seriers of fitness science infographics.

Check it out its really cool!!