Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Ultimate Orange Review - The Legend Returns

blog-icon By TJ Posted on July 14, 2017
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Say what?? Ultimate Orange is back? Most of you Fitness Deal News readers, probably are too young to know this. But Ultimate Orange was THE pre workout back in the 90’s. Yeah, before JACK3D came into the market and made the pre-workout industry what it is today. Ultimate Orange was an Ephedra based pre which was as old school as it gets. The strange looking bodybuilding supplement was all the rage, and if you were a serious lifter you were drinking this orange thing. So, Hi-Tech pharma is now brining it back! And as you would expect from the bad boy of the industry it is super dosing it with DMAA and Ephedra (yeah, more on that later) and with a ton of other stuff. So, for all you stim junkies out there, and Hardcore pre-workout fan boys, if you want to know more about this orange monster, read away.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Ultimate Orange


Yeah, this is a big ass label. And it would be impossible to take you through every different ingredient in this can. So we will focus on what’s important in this good old pre-workout. As you will see, this is as out of the ordinary of a label as you will find on the market today.

Energy & Focus

This is really the big story here. Ultimate Orange combines 65mg of DMAA with 25mg if Ephedra Extract and 100mg of Caffeine. Now, coming from Hi-Tech, DMAA is no surprise, but Ephedra is illegal right? Well, partially true. The ephedrine alkaloids are illegal, but other bioactive compounds in Ephedra that can give you that energy and increase alertness, and boost metabolism to increase fat burning during your workout. More important, it doesn’t bring with it the side effects of the ephedrine alkaloid. Hi-Tech didn’t stop here, and added a couple of more ‘main stream’ focus powerhouses with Choline Bitartrate and Inositol.

Muscle Building & Recovery

13g of Protein Isolate. 2.6g of Essential Amino Acids and 16g of QuadraCarb – Well again, as unique as it comes! We are not used to seeing Protein in a pre-workout and for sure not 16g of medium digesting carbohydrates. This is as old school as it gets! With the promise being carbs for pumps and performance and protein for your body to start building those muscles while you are working out.

Other stuff…

A bunch of vitamins & minerals to keep you health. Lots of it…

The Label’s Bottom Line

What are you thinking right now? Are you asking yourself if this is meal replacement or a pre-workout? Are you already feeling that crazy energy and focus coming at you from that sick ingredient mix? or you are asking yourself how does a scoop of 28 grams for a pre-workout feels like? Are you asking yourself where is the beta-alanine? the betaine? Well, one thing is certain, this is the most unique formula we have seen in the last few years.



Flavor & Taste – Ultimate Orange comes in one flavor – ‘original’. It is not the best flavor on the planet. But it is not the worst. Mixability was decent, definitely when you think about the size of this scoop.

Effectiveness – This thing feels different. The mood elevation and energy kick is different somehow. More than crazy, raging energy, we felt more the focus side of it. Also, personally we missed the beta-alanine tingling. We can’t attest to the benefits of the protein, but we can safely say that the carbs in this thing gave us one of the best pumps we had in a long time. We do want to point out that at least our personal exprience is that effects sort of faded out after 80-90 minutes.



Ultimate Orange returns with a price tag of $35 for 16 servings. For sure not a cheap supplement. With that said, you can skip your post workout protein shake as you already got everything you need with Ultimate Orange. Of course we will be on the watch for deals, and you should always compare prices on Fitness Deal News!

COMPARE PRICES FOR Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Ultimate Orange


Ultimate Orange is not for everyone. 100 calorie pre-workout / post workout. This bad boy is designed for serious hardcore lifters that don’t play around. It is one of the more intense formulas out there. We personally felt it delivered on the promise of performance and power and as far as energy goes, it provides a very different (good) but different feeling.


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