Olympus Labs Conqu3r Unleashed Review

Posted December 28, 2016 0 COMMENT
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Olympus Labs Conqu3r Unleashed


Olympus Labs are known to deliver on their pre-workout products promise. So when they release a new product, the expectations are high. And when they announced the new Conqu3r Unleashed it got our attention.


Olympus Labs Conqu3r Unleashed Review

Before we dive into the label, pls note that serving size is noted as 2 scoops..

Maximum Endurance Matrix- Creatinol-O-Phosphate 2g, ElevATP 150 mg- The Creatinol-O-Phosphate is a proven ingredient to increase muscle endurance and with a clinical dose of 2g, OL hit it right on the head. ElevATP is an alternative to creatine, and is more of a muscle power ingredient, so we’re not so sure why it’s in this matrix. ElevATP’s clinical dose is 150 mg so again, right on target.

Incredible Pump Matrix– L-Citruline 4g, HydroMax Glycerol Powder (65%) 2g, Arginine Silicate Inositol 1.5g, Agmatine 1g- All the ingredients in this blend are well proven to increase muscle pump and actually Olympus Labs went over the clinical dose in most of them, with  L-Citrulin’s being 3g, HydroMax Glycerol Powder’s 1g and Agmatine’s 750 mg. The only ingredient that is not Overdosed is the Arginine Silicate Inositol’s at 1.5. Bottom line – Big Pumps Are Coming…

Immaculate Focus & Energy Matrix 650 mg- partially proprietary blend. What we do know is that each serving brings home 300 mg of Caffeine, which is in the range of the clinical dose and the AlphaSize Alpha-GPC, which at 250 mg it is only the second ‘under-dosed’ ingredient in the whole supplement. Bottom line – looks promising!

Maximum Absorption Matrix- made of: BioPerine 10 mg- the BioPerine is here to help absorb all the active ingredients more effectively.

The Label’s Bottom Line-  Tons of active ingredients, and very well dosed! Looking very promising.


Taste & Mixability – Maybe it’s the huge number of ingredients, or maybe OL just needs a new flavoring person. Anyway,  Conquer’s PWO Comes in 4 flavors ad…they don’t really taste that great. Plus, there is a problem of clumping in the tub but when you mix it there’s no problem anymore.

Effectiveness –  After reading what’s in the blend, you would expect it be one of the best pre-workouts out there. Ok, in real life, the pump is crazy good. You really feel the Pump blend’s effect. The muscle endurance is good, but nothing special. Plus, the effect of the pre-workout doesn’t hit you right away. You will feel the effect right about half an hour into the workout, but then it hits you hard.


The retail price for 20 servings (and again, serving is 2 scoops) is $36. It might sound a little expensive compared to other pre-workouts, but when it comes to value for money you are getting 3 times the ingredients of a $25 Pre Workout (which you’ll need 2-3 scoops of anyway). Plus,  it is one of the best pre-workouts we have ever had experience with.


Overall, everything with this pre-workout says quality. The effectiveness, the doses for the most part and the price you pay for a quality product. Kudos to Olympus Labs.

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