Olympus Labs RE1GN Review

blog-icon By TJ Posted on May 3, 2017
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Olympus Labs RE1GN Pre-Workout

Riding on the heels of their very successful Conqu3r Unleashed which we reviewed in details on our Youtube channel and on our blog post. Olympus Labs is soon to launch their new Pre-Workout which is promising to step up the game and keep the company’s momentum going as it continues to innovate in the space.


What we know so far


The company has been very discrete about the actual formula and label, but there’s a few things we already know:


    • 795g tab! Wow…listen, this is a massive amount of powder for a pre-workout. Assuming RE1GN will follow Conqu3r’s foot steps and will be a 20 servings – 2 scoops each, you are talking about a massive 40g servings! That is a lot of powder. Conqu3r also had about 70% of active ingredients per serving, so this would mean RE1GN will bring in potentially 27g of actives, which again is just a huge amount
    • We don’t know a lot about the actual ingredients, but here’s what we do know:
      • Citrulline at 5g – Pure L-Citrulline (not Malate), and this is going to be one of the biggest doses we’ve seen of this pump inducer (Conqu3r had 4g)
      • Vaso-6 –  An ingredient we didn’t see before. Supposedly an  extract of grape seed and green tea, designed to enhance nitric oxide production, as well as promote endurance and recovery.
      • Pomegranate powder – I don’t think we’ve seen in a lot of pre-workouts. Pomegranate is a powerful anti-oxidants.
      • Agmass (agmatine sulfate) – if 5g Citrulline wasn’t enough to get you pumped…(Conqu3r had 1g).
      • Caffeineno information on quantity yet, but our guess is this will follow Conqu3r with 250mg.
      • Eria jarensis (DMHA) – The natural version of DMHA which did wonders for Conqu3r. We wonder if Olympus Labs are going to increase the dosage here.
      • Juglans regia –  This unique ingredient was supposedly part of the magic that made Conqu3r so good. It’s making a comeback in RE1GN and the combination with DMHA should keep you energized and focused!
      • Theacrine – Everbody’s favorite new form of caffeine, shown in research to produce similar results but improves on the body’s ability to ‘get used to it’
      • St1m-X – Oh yeah, the X Factor, Not a lot of info behind this mysterious stimulant, so stay tuned…



RE1GN will launch at the Conqu3r Unleashed price, which was around $40 for 20 servings. Yeah, EXPENSIVE! Assuming you will get it on a deal we will hunt down for you, say a BOGO Free, then at $20 per 20 servings it will put it on par with the $1 per serv most of our top 10 Pre-Workout are at. So, keep on checking our site , as we continue to hunt down the best deals on Olympus Labs RE1GN from around the web.


The Takeaway


The guys at Olympus Labs, are not playing games here. They are taking an amazing pre-workout and are upping the game. One of Conqu3r’s weaker points was flavoring, which if you watched or read our review you would know, it was straight out bad. So hopefully RE1GN will bring in some improvement in that department.


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