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Brands: Optimum Nutrition.Product Categories: Whey Protein.

Classic Whey is Optimum Nutrition’s premium, economy protein supplement and is made with 100% Whey Protein. Each serving offers a time-tested blend of Whey Protein Concentrates (WPC), Ion-Exchange Whey Protein Isolates (IE), Micro-filtered Whey Protein Isolates (MF), and partially hydrolyzed Whey Peptides – each of which are believed to be of the highest biological value (BV) because they are rich with indispensible amino acids and very easily digested and absorbed. Classic Whey is particularly stocked with the three Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and is a great source of glutamine and glutamine precursors. Additionally, Classic Whey contains smaller proteins called microfractions including alpha-lactalbumin, beta-lactoglobulin, immunoglobulins, glycomacropeptides, and lactoferrin that may have various health and performance benefits beyond supplying critical nitrogen-based compounds. Best of all, Classic Whey is instantized to mix easily in a blender, shaker cup, or even with just a glass and spoon, so you can enjoy the benefits of whey proteins just about anywhere! However you use it, Classic Whey is a perfect protein supplement for most nutrition programs.

BRAND: Optimum Nutrition Performance Whey

Brands: Optimum Nutrition.Product Categories: Whey Protein.

Performance Whey is an all-whey protein formulated for active adults who demand more from their AM, pre-workout and post-workout shakes. Along with ON’s legendary quality, it delivers incredible versatility and superior value. Each scoop mixes up effortlessly in as little as 3 to 4 ounces of water, milk or your favorite beverage. You can also go with 6 to 8 ounces. As a shot or shake, Performance Whey provides amazing milkshake-tasting muscle building support from 22 grams of protein.

Ultra-Concentrated WHEY PROTEIN Shot – Mix one rounded scoop of Performance Whey with 3-4 ounces of cold water or milk for 15-20 seconds.

Whey Protein Shake – Add one rounded scoop of Performance Whey to a glass or shaker cup filled with 6-8 ounces of cold water, milk, or juice. Mix for 20-30 seconds.

Beyond The Basics:

  • Ultra-Filtered & Concentrated Whey Protein
  • Includes Whey Protein Isolates & Peptides
  • Quick, Easy Glass & Spoon Mixing
  • Milkshake Taste in 3-4 or 6-8 Oz. of Water
  • ON Quality at an Exceptional Value


Brands: BSN.Product Categories: Whey Protein.

BSN Whey DNA represents the new, basic line of products that BSN has yet to touch. Whey DNA is BSN’s simple entry into the whey protein category and implies nothing special about its applications. Interesting that BSN hasn’t ventured much into the essentials thus far. However that provides its own level of curiosity and intrigue to see how this line will fare.

The Whey DNA Ingredients

Whey DNA is comprised of a normal blend of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate; the former being the dominant ingredient on the label.

Nutrition Facts

  • 120-130 calories (depends on the flavor, strawberry has the least)
  • 24g protein per serving
  • 1g fat (0.5g saturated)
  • 3-5g carbohydrates (chocolate with the most, strawberry with the least).
BSN Whey DNA Ingredients

BSN Whey DNA Ingredients

Appearing to be fairly well-formulated, this whey protein blend hovers at a lean, 120 to 130 calories per serving as shown on the label. Other than the protein responsible for the initial 96 calories (24g of protein per serving) and 1g of fat, the low 3-5g of carbs accounts for the variable in calories depending on the chosen flavor.

The flavors

Reinforcing the basic identity, it was released with 3 flavors: Milk Chocolate, Vanilla Cream, and Strawberry Cream.

On the topic of quality

BSN has their reputation for making great tasting protein, making even the most basic flavors worth a try. BSN operates under the dairy conglomerate, Glanbia. Glanbia also owns Optimum Nutrition, who is no stranger to good protein flavors and quality.

BSN did well to design this powder to be mixed with 6 to 12 oz of water. This allows you to make your own call for taste and consistency, as opposed to some proteins recommending 4 to 8 oz.

However, as consistent with the BSN brand proteins, it’s suggested to try using milk for added benefits. This will make it thicker, but of course add more calories from carbs, fats, and protein (which depends on the type of milk used).

The total servings of any given container are on the low end at 25. This would prevent the high volume user, who may go with 2 servings around a typical workout, from getting solid use out of a single container. Such a gym rat would burn through a single container in a few weeks time. But a conservative user could stretch out 4 to 6 weeks of usage. Some users may want to know they are getting plenty of protein, hence 2 servings. Others may be seeking the fullness that BSN has delivered for years.

Whey Isolate vs Whey Concentrate

Whey protein concentrate is the primary protein source in the blend to help preserve the amino acid content and potential micronutrient benefits that come with a whey protein source. This is common in Whey protein blends. Whey isolate is further processed with the goal of higher percentage of protein available to the body and more immediate absorption into the body. The manufacturing process for whey isolate is more costly, which would drive up the cost of a product that is entirely whey isolate.

Whey DNA

Whey DNA

As with most whey proteins, you can take Whey DNA at any time of the day. The most common times (but not necessary) are at a sensible point before or after your workout. The product can be easily stacked with other peri-workout items that are unflavored and/or similarly flavored. Any user can go with one or two servings at a given time depending on individual protein needs. However don’t let it amount for too much of your daily protein intake. Keep in mind that this is a supplement and it’s essential to get your protein from regular eating habits.

Where to get the best deal

You can receive updates on the best deals for BSN Whey DNA here at Fitness Deal News – just sign up on this page!


BRAND: Optimum Nutrition Protein Energy

Brands: Optimum Nutrition.Product Categories: Whey Protein.

Help Fuel Your Day with Protein Energy!

Your active lifestyle doesn’t leave much time to spare. Now there’s a convenient, take anywhere solution to fuel your day with premium whey protein and caffeine from natural sources. ON’s Protein Energy is ideal first thing in the morning, late in the afternoon or anytime you feel the need for 20 grams of quality protein stacked with 120 mg of caffeinated energy per 2-scoop serving – about as much as a 10oz cup of coffee. Each serving also delivers antioxidant vitamin E along with a blend of B vitamins.*

The powder is instantized to mix easily into water or milk using just a glass and spoon, and the flavor options are something you’ll look forward to enjoying throughout the day. Use new Protein Energy as a foundation for creating smoothies or mix it up all by itself. At just 100 calories per 2-scoop serving and only a gram of carbs and sugar, you can use ON’s Protein Energy anytime you need Fuel & Energy!*

A 2-scoop serving provides:

  • 20g Premium Whey Protein
  • 120mg Caffeine from Natural Sources
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Vitamins B6 & B12
  • Antioxidant Vitamin E

The convenient re-sealable zipper bag easily fits in your kitchen cabinet, laptop bag, backpack, or anywhere you need Fuel & Energy throughout your day!*