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Brands: Optimum Nutrition.Product Categories: Fat Burners.

Swipe left/right to reveal product information Complete Diet Boost Features: Advanced Thermogenic Weight-Loss Formula Caffeine from 5 Distinct Sources Including Guarana Extract, Green Tea Extract, Yerba Mate, Kola Nut Extract, and Metabromine-G Synergistic Blend of Phase 2 and Chromium Complete with 9 Vitamins and Essential Minerals Now Made with Vegetarian Society Approved Vcaps Complete Diet Boost was specifically formulated to be used with our very popular Complete Protein Diet weight-loss system. But, Complete Diet Boost is so versatile, it’s sure to become every dieters best friend! It’s synergistic blend of herbs and host of metabolic cofactors make Complete Diet Boost one of the most advanced weight-loss formulas ever created.*


Brands: Pro Supps.Product Categories: Fat Burners.

Thermogenic Metabolizer

ProSupps’ new fat burning miracle is now here with Vexxum. This truly one capsule serving thermogenic will prime your body for optimal weight loss. By combining the same powerful three-stage caffeine blend that is found in ProSupps’ infamous Mr. Hyde Pre-Workout with both mood support and appetite control ingredients, they have managed to produce an all-around fat shredding pill.*

The combination of trademarked ingredients such as TeaCrine Theacrine and Cocoabuteral Cocoa Seed Extract with other caffeine sources will provide your body with endless energy and fat melting potential for the whole day with just the one pill dose.*

  • Intense, Ultra-Concentrated Thermogenic Metabolizer*
  • Appetite Control and Mood Support*
  • Three State Caffeine Blend for Long Lasting Energy*
  • Features TeaCrine and Cocoabuterol
  • True One Cap Daily Dose

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vexxum safe to be taken with coffee?

Vexxum should not be taken within 4-5 hours of any other stimulants or caffeinated products.

Can Vexxum be used on an empty stomach?

Vexxum should only be used on an empty stomach after assessing tolerance.

BRAND: Pro Supps Vanish

Brands: Pro Supps.Product Categories: Fat Burners.


What is Vanish?

Vanish is the most effective, innovative and COMPLETE fat burner we’ve ever developed! Vanish utilizes (3) matrix blends of ingredients to effectively target fat while providing you with the clean energy and mental focus you need.*

Fat Burning Matrix, comprised of our unique Infinergy Blend, will increase energy levels, combat fatigue, and support the body’s fat-burning process. These clinically-backed ingredients help to promote fatty acid utilization and improve your body’s reaction to physical activity. Euphoric Matrix is a unique blend of ingredients that focus on your well-being. These clinically-backed ingredients comprise a synergistic blend to promote mental energy, stamina, and focus while providing support against stress.*

Appetite Control Matrix is often viewed as the most significant blend in the Vanish formula. These key ingredients will help to power you through cravings when you need it the most. These health supporting compounds are also natural diuretics and aid in the secretion of excess water.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Vanish should I start with as a 1st time user?

We recommend you start with 1 capsule (1 serving) so you can assess your tolerance and work your way into 2 capsules per day split between 4-6 hours.

Do I have to abide by the diet included with Vanish to be successful?

No, the diet is included to assist you with making wise eating decisions.

How much weigh will I lose taking Vanish?

Each user will be different but success is much more likely when incorporating a sensible diet and training regimen.

BRAND: BPI Sports Roxy

Brands: BPI Sports.Product Categories: Fat Burners.

Increased Bioavailability

Efficacy and performance are directly dependent on the amount of nutrients actually absorbed into the bloodstream. Softgel delivery provides the means to enhance the solubility of these nutrients and thereby improves bioavailability and maximizes absorption.*

ROXY Softgels are a scientific breakthrough in weight loss science. Each ingredient in this precise formulation is aimed at helping you achieve results. This Non-GMO formulation is a first of its kind in the weight loss category, utilizing a unique flavor-coated softgel liquid delivery that’s designed to work faster!*

Superior Dosage Accuracy

Powder-filled capsules can result in inconsistent amounts of active ingredients from pill to pill. In a softgel delivery, ingredients are first suspended in a specialized liquid fill, resulting in uniform distribution of active ingredients, ensuring uniformity from dose to dose.*

Quality and Safety

Softgels are hermetically sealed, protecting the ingredients from oxygen and helping to increase the stability of the active ingredients. Because each individual liquid filled softgel is hermetically sealed, any damage or tampering of the capsule would be clearly visible, making any tampering clearly evident.*

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