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Brands: Optimum Nutrition.Product Categories: Stimulant Free Fat Burners.

Mega Fat Burner Features: Time-Tested STIMULANT-FREE Weight Management Supplement Synergistic Blend of Chromium Picolinate, L-Carnitine, and Garcinia Extract Choline and Inositol 24% of the Daily Value for Calcium Convenient 2-Tablet Serving Size Optimum Nutrition’s Mega Fat Burner is a powerful, yet economical fat metabolizing formula. 500mg of Citrimax helps to control your appetite and better utilize the foods you eat. Mega Fat Burners also contains L-Carnitine, Choline and Inositol, which help support the breakdown, transportation and metabolizing of fat into energy. Get more out of your exercise regime with Mega Fat Burner!* Mega Fat Burner is perfect for those who want to burn fat fast, without using stimulants. If you are sensitive to caffeine or other stimulants, Mega Fat Burner is for you!

BRAND: Cellucor CLK

Brands: Cellucor.Product Categories: Stimulant Free Fat Burners.
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Breakthrough Toning and Sculpting Formula

  • Stimulant Free Advanced Dose
  • CLA, Raspberry Ketones, 7-Keto, and Carnitine
  • Raspberry Flavored Softgels

1 Product, 2 Product, 3 Product, 4…

It gets tiring doesn’t it? Too many times the quest to find the ultimate weight loss supplement ends in a cabinet filled with products that promise the world and don’t quite deliver. Ingredients you’ve never heard of, doses you can’t see—losing weight can be hard, but it’s not supposed to be complicated!

Cellucor’s CLK combines four clinically studied, breakthrough weight loss supporting ingredients in a single super-supplement*

Just What the Doctor Ordered

CLK is a non-stimulant weight loss aid that features clinical doses of four of the most highly regarded, highly publicized and highly effective ingredients on the market today; CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid), Raspberry Ketones, 7-Keto and Carnitine. CLK features an innovative softgel delivery system enhanced with a sweet raspberry flavor.*

The four ingredients in CLK have been endlessly featured and recommended by celebrity doctors, weight loss gurus and supplement experts! Now, for the first time ever, you can get clinically recommended doses of all four of these ingredients in a single, easy to take super-supplement!

Why has no one thought of this before?

CLA supplements are often large, hard to swallow supplements that have a reputation for leaving a bad, lingering flavor after each and every dose. Cellucor CLK is putting an end to this, featuring an innovative, easy to swallow softgel enhanced with a pleasant raspberry flavor that guarantees you’ll actually enjoy and look forward to taking your weight loss supplement!

No Proprietary Blends

CLK is the first product in its class that features a fully transparent label so you know exactly what you’re getting in each and every powerful dose—we strongly believe that by delivering more information, we’re delivering greater results.

CLK Ingredient Highlights


CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid, is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in meat and certain dairy sources. CLA is a clinically studied weight loss aid that helps your body burn more calories and supports the way your body utilizes the food you eat*

In a 2007 meta-analysis, CLA demonstrated significant support for healthy body composition, resulting in a reduction in total body fat and an increase in lean body mass at the CLK recommended dose of 3.2g/day.1

CLA has multiple other health benefits including anti-catabolic, antioxidant and recovery/immune system supporting benefits.*


Carnitine is an amino acid that enhances fat metabolism by expediting fatty acid transport into the cells where they are burned to product energy. Carnitine promotes muscular growth and development, helps diminish muscle fatigue and helps support a healthy appetite level.*

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketone is the primary compound responsible for a raspberry’s sweet smell. It is one of the most expensive ingredients on the market as 1 kilogram of raspberries contains less than 2mg of the compound!

Raspberry ketone supports natural energy and metabolism and support fat loss by enabling fatty acids to be more readily burned.*


7-Keto is non-hormonal metabolite of DHEA that is created naturally by your body. As we age, DHEA levels (and its byproduct, 7-Keto) decline, slowing metabolism and often leading to weight gain. 7-Keto supplementation helps boost metabolism and thermogenesis and supports fat burning while encouraging lean muscle growth*


  1. Whingham LD, Watras CA, Scholler DA (2007). “Efficacy of conjugated linoleic acid for reducing fat mass: a meta-analysis in humans. Am”. J Clin Nutr(5): 1203–1200.

BRAND: Cellucor WS1 Extreme

Brands: Cellucor.Product Categories: Stimulant Free Fat Burners.

BRAND: Pro Supps Crash

Brands: Pro Supps.Product Categories: Stimulant Free Fat Burners.



Crash is formulated to help reduce body-fat, support the adrenal system, lower cortisol and reset your natural “hormonal clock” for an optimized metabolic rate. Inducing a deep REM sleep while using natural uncoupling agents Crash will add a new dimension to your fat loss quest.

  • Adrenal System Support*
  • Supports deep REM sleep*
  • Infused with GABA and Valerian Root*
  • Cortisol Control*

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use CRASH even I sleep during the day?

Yes, CRASH will improve your sleep/wake cycle whether you sleep during the day or evening.*

Can I use CRASH with my prescription sleep aid?

Please consult with your prescribing physician concerning this question.*

Will CRASH knock me out?

No, CRASH is formulated to help you relax so sleeping is more likely and more efficient.*