Optimum Nutrition : Optimum Nutrition Natural 100% Casein Protein Gold Standard

Brands: Optimum Nutrition.Product Categories: Casein Protein.

Natural 100% Casein Gold Standard Highlights: 24g of Instantized, Slow-Digesting Micellar Casein Rich in Highly Anti-Catabolic Micellar Casein No Artificial Flavors, Sweeteners, or Synthetic Colors Over 9g of BCAAs, Glutamine, and Glutamine Precursors per Scoop Aminogen Enhanced Rapid protein use is desirable immediately before and after exercise to help refuel recovering muscles, but delayed digestion and absorption may be more beneficial at other times – including bedtime when your body typically goes for hours without food.* Casein proteins are sensitive and tend to thicken in the stomach. Because of this, it can take more than twice as long for our Gold Standard Natural 100% Casein to be broken down into its amino acid subcomponents than other proteins. Gold Standard Natural 100% Casein is also free of artificial flavors, sweeteners, and synthetic colors and uses only premium micellar caseins to create a protein that’s truly time-released.* You can also use Natural 100% Casein Gold Standard in your meal replacement shakes!