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Opti-Women multivitamin Product Highlights: Gender-Specific Multi 23 Vitamins & Essential Minerals Calcium, Iron, & Folic Acid 17 Specialty Ingredients Soy Isoflavones, Ostivone, & Uva Ursi Capsules for Easier Swallowing Opti-Women Multi-Vitamin provides a balance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, extracts and herbs to supplement a women’s diet and workout. Don’t hesitate to get the Women’s Multi-Vitamin and Mineral supplement that’s bettering the lives of thousands everyday!* Vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients are the body’s fundamental building blocks. Among other things, they contribute to our energy levels, immunity, performance and overall vitality. Opti-Women has been designed as a comprehensive Nutrient Optimization System complete with botanicals, antioxidants, and other gender-focused components. By packing 40 active ingredients into one pill, much more than a multi has been created.* You shouldn’t need to consume dozens of pills or juggle multiple bottles and packs to get your daily nutrients. Opti-Women delivers all the essentials in one pill that you take morning and night. Convenient and complete, it’s the ultimate nutrient system for the active woman.*

BRAND: Dymatize Dymatize Complete Muscle Building Stack

Brands: Dymatize.Product Categories: Vitamins & More.

The Dymatize Complete Muscle Building Stack was developed for lifters looking to optimize the results from their workouts, build lean muscle, and increase overall strength. The stack contains the energy and blood flow benefits of Xpand 2x, the recovery power of BCAAs in Elite Recoup, and the muscle repair and rebuilding benefits from Elite XT.*

What’s in The Complete Muscle Building Stack?

Elite XT 4.4lbs

Elite XT Extended Release protein is designed to be the ultimate muscle fuel and workout recovery formula. Dymatize determined that no single existing natural protein source was ideal for achieving extended release anabolic effects. The optimal source was found to be a fusion of several different protein sources, including the addition of free form branch chain amino acids and Milk derived proteins.*

Elite XT is further enhanced by the addition of Nutrateric, a revolutionary, pharmaceutically-developed coating system. This delayed release technology allows the specific material it coats to release at a particular pH range. In fact, with this coating process, the resulting digestion can take more than twice as long as other forms of non-coated protein, further enhancing the extended release capacity of Dymatize Elite XT.*

Elite Recoup 30 Servings

Dymatize Recoup is designed to help you speed recovery and reduce muscle breakdown. In addition, Recoup is designed to help enhance cell volumization, promote vasodilation which may lead to better protein absorption and aid in immune and digestive health.*

Recoup’s Advanced Blend of BCAAs and B Vitamins are Formulated to Help:

  • Accelerate Recovery Time After Strenuous Workouts*
  • Reduce Muscle Tissue Breakdown*
  • Enhance Cell Volumization for Strength and Size*
  • Promote Vasodilatation for Better Protein Absorption*

Xpand 2x 36 Servings

Introducing breakthrough muscle performance and mental focus packed in a new hybrid formula! Intense strength and pump with advanced nitric oxide generation from our unique agmatine and pomegranate extract blend. Next generation muscle aminos with CHAIN•SOL instantized BCAAs and concentrated Quercetin and B-vitamins for unrivaled stamina and razor-sharp, focused energy. All in the single most research-backed pre-performance product we’ve ever developed!*

The 5 Complexes in Xpand 2x:

  • Myo-Xpand: Provides Fuel for Building Muscles*
  • Enduro-Xpand: Delivers Amino Acids
  • Vaso-Xpand: Triggers Vasodilation and Muscle Pumps*
  • Focus-Xpand: Supports Focus and Cognitive Enhancement*
  • QRS Complex: Promotes Endurance, Recovery and Clarity*

BRAND: Optimum Nutrition Wholly Oats Bars

Brands: Optimum Nutrition.Product Categories: Vitamins & More.

Wholly Oats bars offer a delicious alternative to a bowl of oatmeal and protein shake – an alternative that can easily be taken along to the gym, the competition or wherever your busy day takes you.

BRAND: Dymatize Elite Fusion 7

Brands: Dymatize.Product Categories: Vitamins & More.

ELITE FUSION 7 is designed to be the most delicious, highly effective, sustained-release protein supplement on the market today. ELITE FUSION 7 makes it easier than ever to consume the right amount of protein and perfect combination of protein sources needed to capitalize on lean muscle development and recovery! ELITE FUSION 7 is perfect for fueling the body with high quality protein throughout the day helping you feel satisfied and energized. Drink ELITE FUSION 7 either as a convenient meal replacement, protein-enhanced snack between meals, or an after workout shake to help aid in recovery.*

The Dymatize Nutrition Research and Development Team has taken into account many factors in the design of this comprehensive high-quality protein. The optimal protein source is actually a FUSION of different protein sources, which is why FUSION-7 consists of a unique blend of 7 superior protein sources. In addition to the incredible, cutting edge 7-source Protein blend found in FUSION-7, a full 5 grams of fiber have been added to each serving. Fiber is a necessary component of a healthy diet and our exclusive combination of soluble and insoluble fiber help give FUSION-7 its delectable and smooth “milkshake” texture with the added benefit of acting as a natural aid for slower digestion, enhancing nutrient uptake and utilization by the body.*

Whey protein has the highest BV (Biological Value) of any natural protein source and the highest rating of PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Correct Amino Acid Score), which is why it forms the foundation of the FUSION-7. In blending with Casein, Milk Protein, Egg Protein and other top rated performers, Dymatize can enhance Whey protein’s effectiveness over a sustained period of time. This FUSION of protein sources also includes essential Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and other Free Form Amino Acids along with the addition of a comprehensive list of vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy, balanced diet.*