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Brands: Optimum Nutrition.Product Categories: Fat Burners.

Thermo-Cuts Highlights: Comprehensive Thermogenic Support NeOpuntia, Phase 2, Promilin, and Bioperine Standardized Extracts Including Green Tea, Garcinia, Guarana, Grapefruit, and Willow Bark Versatile 4-Capsule Serving Size Vegetarian Society Approved Vcaps Losing unwanted body fat does not have to take long time. What it does take, is a proper thermogenic with a blend of ingredients proven to lift your metabolism and fight fat. Thermo-Cut’s nutritionally advanced fat burning formula has a unique blend of fat metabolizing nutrients. Thermo-Cuts aids in elevating your body’s metabolic activity by using fatty acids as a source of energy for muscle cells during intense exercise. Thermo-Cuts is designed to help you lose fat faster than diet and exercise alone!* Thermo-Cuts’ advanced fat burning formula is a unique blend of stimulating ingredients that provides 300mg of caffeine per serving. Used in conjunction with a well-planned diet and exercise program, these easy-to-swallow capsules can play a role in your physique refinement goals. Thermo-Cuts is packaged in Vegetarian Society approved Vcaps.


Brands: BPI Sports.Product Categories: Fat Burners.
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Super Fast Acting Thermogenic Power

  • Muscle Defining*
  • Appetite Control*
  • Weight Loss*
  • Fat Burner*
  • The active compounds in Stim-Elite are researched and documented to act from multiple weight modulating mechanisms including:

    • Helping Support the Conversion of Fat into Energy*
    • Enhances Fat-to-Lean-Muscle Ratios (Also Known as Body Composition)*
    • increasing ATP for Maximum Cellular Energy*
    • Simultaneously Reducing Glucose Release and Supporting Fat Metabolism in the Liver*
    • Increasing CNS Activity by Modulating the Neuro-Compounds Epinephrine and Norepinephrine*
    • Promoting Thermogenesis*

    Stim-Elite is a RUSH of Super Fast Acting Energy, Thermogenic and Appetite Suppressing POWER! This “one of a kind” unique powdered fat burner allows for rapid-onset effects targeting weight loss, lean muscle definition and long-lasting energy. Stim-Elite is the most aggressive fat burning formula available anywhere! The newest cutting-edge science and the most innovative weight loss compounds means that you will experience results unlike anything you’ve ever thought possible. Stim-Elite is the premier fast acting powdered fat burning formula that tastes unbelievable! Try it and you won’t ever go back to your old weight loss pills.*

    Nothing else even comes close.*

    BRAND: BPI Sports B4

    Brands: BPI Sports.Product Categories: Fat Burners.

    B4 Pre-Workout & Fat Burning Super Blend

    • Adipose Tissue Regulator*
    • CNS Stimulant*
    • Dopamine Modulator*
    • Appetite Suppressor*
    • Performance, Mood, Focus, & Energy Enhancer*

    B4 – a FAT BURNING furnace that attacks FAT at the core. B4 is a performance driven single serving capsule that can be taken PRE-TRAINING or throughout the day as a dominant CNS Stimulant/Fat Burning Agent.*

    B4 is unlike any pre-workout or diet pill that you’ve ever seen! This is the most exclusive high-end sports performance and weight loss product available. It is designed to attack the problem mechanism by mechanism, via the following pathways: potent CNS stimulant properties, dopamine modulation, and adipose tissue regulation. Every component of this formula was carefully developed utilizing the absolute highest standards and the most cutting-edge non-commercialized ingredients available anywhere in the world. The extractions of these specialized ingredients are of the highest purity and are designed to increase concentrations of both norepinephrine and dopamine. Enhancing these neuro transmitters means you can experience CNS-based appetite suppression as well as positive psychostimulant effects that can include improved mood, focus, and increased energy capacity. B4 is gratification in a pill. A monumental pre-workout supplement that is formulated to help enhance performance, training, and help you to lose weight!*

    BRAND: BSN Hyper Shred

    Brands: BSN.Product Categories: Fat Burners.

    BSN’s efforts to stay ahead of the industry curve continue with the introduction of HYPER SHRED. Engineered to provide clean, effective energy and training focus support without the use of geranium oil extracts, HYPER SHRED is designed to support:

    • Metabolism*
    • Weight Management*
    • Energy*
    • Training Focus*
    • Physical Performance*

    HYPER SHRED is a new energy and weight management dietary aid whose streamlined formula keeps the focus squarely on energy and metabolic support to help users elevate their overall physical performance and reach their fitness goals. The powerful effects of this supplement are delivered without the use of geranium oil extracts, setting HYPER SHRED apart from a number of its peers. Users can expect clean energy and training focus support without the potentially negative effects of more cluttered formulas.*

    HYPER SHRED essentially takes the idea behind the recent wave of ultra-concentrated pre-training powders and delivers it in pill form – serious energy promotion and training focus support, plain and simple.* HYPER SHRED gives users an edge in their fat-burning efforts and is perfect as a pre-workout energy boost.* And because the concentrated formula only requires one capsule per serving, getting a daily dose of extreme performance support is as convenient as can be. For anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve and get clean, geranium-free energy, fat-burning and training support, HYPER SHRED is the state-of-the-art supplement choice.*