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blog-icon By TJ Posted on May 28, 2017
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Redcon1 TANGO is what the company coins as a ‘Creatine Formula’, and there you go, asking why does the world need another creatine supplement? Well deserved! The thing is with TANGO it is a bit different than your average 5g of monohydrate.  TANGO mixes in Creatine with other well researched ingredients all working together to create that ATP production increase and cell volume that will drive in turn, accelerated protein synthesis. Yeah, that is a mouthful! Lets dive into the label & talk about what you can expect.


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As always if too much science talk puts you to sleep you can skip to the ‘Label Bottom Line’!

RedCon1 TANGO Review Supplement Facts


  • Creatine Monohydrate – 5g – OK no surprises here! RedCon1 went with the good old Creatine Monohydrate, probably the most research proven strength ingredient on the planet. TANGO being a ‘premium’ Creatine supplement you can almost guess that RedCon1 will not settle for just MONO…
  • Creatine HCI – 1g – before you go off saying 1G!! WTH? not all creatine were created equal. The main difference between different types of Creatine you’ll see out there is their solubility. and HCI is the best out there, up to 38 times more soluble than MONO. Which means you need less Gs to be way more effective.
  • Creatine MagnaPower  – 1g – aka ‘magnesium creatine chelate’ is a patented form of creatine which is considered one of the most bio-available form of creatine to produce ATP (aka power!)
  • Betain Anhydrous2.5g – perfectly dosed performance booster that has been shown to improve the production of creatine for more muscle power. Also been shown to rerain muscle carnosine levels for faster recovery & support hydration
  • Taurine – 1g – A popular non essential amino acid shown to support endurance & recovery
  • L-Ornithine – 1g – another non essential amino acid that reduces ammonia concentrations in the blood.

The Label’s Bottom Line:

RedCon1 TANGO Brings in everything you’d like to see in a modern ‘power’ formula. With an interesting mix of patented ingredient and good & old proven compounds all at clinical doses and then some. The only thing you’d like to take into consideration here is that you may be already getting a lot of these in your pre-workout, specifically Betaine & Taurine which have become quite common in modern PWOs. So, you’ll be double dosing & double paying…




Taste & Mixability: 2 flavors at day of launch for TANGO. Just like all the other RedCon1 products we tried, flavor is solid and mixability is flawless. 

Effectiveness: Well, if you like creatine, you’re gonna LOVE TANGO. It is like creatine on PED…everything just feels MORE. more strength, more endurance, more muscle volume. The feeling on Tango reminded us very much how we felt with USPLabs Modern Creatine and KAGED Muscle – Creatine HCI.




TANGO Launches at $34.99 for 30 servings. With Creatine being probably the cheapest & most effective supplement you can buy (we regularly hunt down deals on 50 servings of 5g Micronized Monohydrate for less than $10) then this is quite a jump. Even, when compared to the other Super Creatine products out there this is still on the high side, unless you compare it to the new GHOST SIZE and bpi Sports Modern Creatine which are also at the $30+ range. So, you do want to consider the value you get with more performance enhancing ingredients. The good news is that you can always compare prices  & find the best deals & coupons for RedCon1 TANGO by checking out our deal alerts and comparing prices on our site!


Compare prices for RedCon1 Tango from around the web!



RedCon1 Innovates. Period. And this is another great formula that delivers on the promise. Albeit at a higher price point than we would like to see, at least before you start saving with Fitness Deal News 🙂 


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