AllMax Nutrition : Aminocore

AllMax Nutrition : Aminocore

Brand : AllMax NutritionProduct Categories : BCAA
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AllMax Nutrition : Aminocore

Every serious bodybuilder knows the tried, tested and the true impact of BCAAs. Cutting-edge research out of the Nobel-prize winning Karolinska Institute has now confirmed what bodybuilders have known for years; high dosage BCAAs delivered in a very specific 45:30:25 ratio signals your muscles to grow. Not just growth, but pure protein synthesis on a scale that must be experienced to be believed; an astounding increase in anabolic signaling over placebo in a gold-standard scientific research trial! 1


Get the Instant Anabolic Edge!

  • Instantly Stimulates Muscle Growth*
  • 8,180 mg Of 40:30:25 Pure Instant BCAA Power
  • Fortified With Fatigue-Fighting Alpha K.I.C.*
  • Loaded With 7 Forms Of Anabolic Support B3, B6, B9 And B12!

Get 350% More Anabolic Activity

Getting these BCAAs to mix into your system effectively and efficiently has always been a massive barrier; until now! ALLMAX brings AminoCore to the market; ready-to-mix, delicious, convenient and transportable single-serve packets. And best of all, no skinny 2 or 3 grams of BCAAs here; a whopping 8,180 mgs, that’s right, over 8 grams of BCAAs in a single packet, wherever and whenever you need it. Perfect for consumption during your workout to drive up the anabolic impact of your workout, or away from the gym when you can’t get your protein and you need to prevent the catabolic breakdown of muscle tissue!*

That’s right, when you can’t get a sufficient level high-quality protein, or are in a caloric deficit, your body will literally breakdown and feed on your hard earned muscle tissue. AminoCore is the bodybuilder’s best friend; close at hand, ridiculously easy-to-mix and most amazingly, absolutely delicious (BCAAs are normally awful tasting!).

This critical combination of precision ratio INSTANT BCAAs at a massive research directed dosage of 8,180 mg in with 100 mg of muscular-toxin scavenging keto-isocaproic acid (KIC) and 7 different forms of ANABOLIC supporting B-Vitamins puts you at an advantage like you’ve never had!*

Stimulate An Anabolic Environment with 8,180 mg [45:30:25] of BCCAs

3681 mg L-LEUCINE – provides support to lean muscle tissue and provides energy, specifically when training intensely, and helps to maintain a positive nitrogen balance within the body. Leucine is referred to as a ‘limiting nutrient’; meaning the body needs to be supplied a specific amount in relation to other aminos to assimilate protein in the body. Leucine activates a major anabolic pathway called the mTOR pathway which stimulates muscle protein synthesis.*

2,454 mg L-ISOLEUCINE – provides muscle recovery post-workout and has been found to be helpful to assist in the regulation of blood sugar levels. ISOLEUCINE plays a role in hemoglobin formation and can increase energy levels and extend endurance.*

2,045 mg L-VALINE – plays a role in glucose metabolism, protein synthesis and provides immune support. It provides extra glucose for energy during times of hardcore training, making it a valuable addition for any athlete. It is also involved in the detoxification of excess nitrogen in the liver.*

AminoCore Provides 7 different forms of ANABOLIC supporting B-Vitamins

ALLMAX introduces Myotrisol, a cutting-edge solubility technology to BCAA dosage administration. Until now, delivery of a 100% pure 45:30:25 ratio BCAA powder in a potent research directed level (8,180 mg), ideal for ANABOLIC activity, was next to impossible. The really bad taste and lack of mixabilty issues with regular BCAA powder turned all but the most taste-bud challenged bodybuilders and athletes off BCAAs completely. Now, our proprietary 3-Phase solubility treatment technology called Myotrisol has turned this extremely high-level of ideal ratio BCAAs into a DELICIOUS & EASILY MIXABLE ANABOLIC POWERHOUSE ready whenever and wherever you are!*

What Makes AminoCore Different?

Unbelievably delicious and remarkably convenient AminoCore solves the ultimate athlete dilemma, how to get extremely high, research-directed dosages of BCAAs in a formula designed to get you into an anabolic state, fast wherever you are! Perfectly measured, ultra-convenient single-serve packs and absolutely delicious, what could be better? How about 7 completely novel energy-releasing B Vitamins.*

AminoCore includes some of the most hardcore, bioavailable, pharmaceutically designed vitamins you may never even have heard of; Methylcobalamin, Dibencozide, 5-MTHF (BioB9) and Pyridoxine-5-Phosphate. Some of the most difficult to obtain and most highly effective dosages known to science.*

To maximize muscle growth simply mix 1 individual BVAA pack with water.

Never Waste Another Workout!

Look for some of these on any vitamin you can find out there – you won’t find it. Only AminoCore gives you this kind of pure-energy blend of the most potent vitamins on the planet.*Mix with ice-cold water and sip throughout your workout to stay completely anabolic through your toughest workouts.*

Taken anytime you want to jack up your plasma BCAA levels, AminoCore immediately increases your body’s ability to build hard, lean muscle through two primary processes:

  1. Increases anabolic (muscle building) signaling*
  2. Reduces the breakdown of muscle tissue*

AminoCore Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is AminoCore?

AminoCore is a ready-to-mix, delicious, single-serve Branched Chain Amino Acid matrix (BCAAs) that provides a whopping 8180 mg of BCAAs, 100 mg of muscular-toxin scavenging keto-isocaproic acid (KIC) and 7 different forms of ANABOLIC supporting B-Vitamins per serving. Every serving delivers a pure 45:30:25 ratio of BCAA powder that immediately increases your body’s ability to build hard, lean muscle.*

2. How do I take AminoCore?

To activate protein synthesis and increase muscle recovery, take 1 serving of AminoCore during weight training or any athletic event. On non-training days, AminoCore can be taken anytime on an empty stomach. Due to the potent nature of this product, it is not recommended to exceed 2 servings daily. Empty packet contents into a 16.9 oz. (500 mL) bottle of water or a tall glass of water (2 cups). Shake or stir well. Take during workouts. Carefully read instructions on box and follow directions before use.*

3. Does AminoCore contain any banned substances?

Absolutely not. AminoCore doesn’t include any substances that are banned or considered illegal for consumption.*

4. Can I stack AminoCore with other ALLMAX supplements?

Absolutely! If you are training you should be consuming a high quality protein powder such as ISOFLEX and post-recovery shake with Glutamine.*

5. Can I take more than the recommended serving size?

You should not consume more than 2 servings of AminoCore a day. Taking more than the recommended dosage could be harmful to your health.*

6. What kind of research has been conducted on AminoCore?

A study which was published in the Journal of Nutrition in January 2006 further substantiated initial findings that prove AminoCore IMMEDIATELY and EFFECTIVELY ACTIVATES PROTEIN SYNTHESIS. Led by Swedish Researcher, Dr. Haken Karlsson, who replicated his own 2004 findings indicating the EXACT LEVEL AND RATIO of Branch Chain Amino Acids, found only in AminoCore, effectively caused phosphorylation of mTOR – The key pathway that up regulates MUSCLE BUILDING MACHINERY and PREVENTS MUSCLE TISSUE BREAKDOWN!*


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