AllMax Nutrition : TestoFX Loaded

AllMax Nutrition : TestoFX Loaded

Brand : AllMax NutritionProduct Categories : Test Boosters
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AllMax Nutrition : TestoFX Loaded

TestoFX HARDCORE is the World’s first 5-STAGE MALE TESTOSTERONE OPTIMIZER. This powerful new cutting edge approach to testosterone optimization increases active testosterone levels while minimizing negative androgenic and estrogenic side effects.

How TestoFX HARDCORE Works:

  1. TESTOLOCK (Testosterone Receptor Sensitizer) – Once free unbound testosterone is available the next step is to lock the testosterone molecule effectively on to the cellular receptor. TESTOLOCK works by effectively maintaining cell membrane integrity and improving cell receptor affinity for testosterone.
  2. ESTROBLOC (Dual Anti-Estrogen Complex) – ESTROBLOC works via two mechanisms. First the complex prevents aromatization (testosterone to estrogen formation) from taking place. Secondly, it desensitizes estrogen receptors’ ability to activate estrogen receptors for the ultimate 1-2 anti-estrogen punch!
  3. DIHYDROZATE (Anti DHT Agent) – DIHYDROZATE is a designer compound designed to effectively prevent Testosterone to DHT (dihydroxytestosterone), a male hormone linked to negative androgenic effects.

TestoFX can help jack up your workout intensity and provides a muscle mass boosting stimuli all while minimizing undesirable androgenic and estrogenic side effects.


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