Betancourt : Endocrine-IGF

Betancourt : Endocrine-IGF

Brand : BetancourtProduct Categories : HGH
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Betancourt : Endocrine-IGF

ENDOCRINE IGF is the first night time GH formula created to not only enhance growth hormone levels, but the anabolic growth factor IGF-1 as well. Many over the counter GH products attempt to get by on simply enhancing sleep and using this as evidence of improved growth hormone production.*

The truth is an effective night time/GH formula must be able to improve R.E.M (deep sleep) for the effective release of growth hormone. For the few GH products that have been able to do this, the amino acid L-Dopa has been the weapon of choice for releasing dopamine. Unfortunately, companies have settled for cheaper concentrations of L-Dopa and have left users feeling tired and ill during the day, despite the amino acids powerful night time effects.*

In Betancourt Nutrition’s cGMP (Certified Good Manufacturing Practices) facilities, scientists used L-Dopa at 98% purity to create the cleanest and most effective night time GH formula to date.


  • L-Carnitine L-Tartrate: research proven to enhance recovery from exercise.*
  • Puerarin: backed by research to elevate GH.*
  • L-Leucine Nitrate: research proven to elevate the anabolic response.*

This Nitrated analog also enhances blood flow along with L-Arginine (AAKG) for GH stimulation. IGF-1 (Insulin like Growth Factor) is enhanced by the ingredients Eurycoma Longifolia and Bovine Colostrum.*

  • 75 Capsules

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