BPI Sports : Bulk Muscle

BPI Sports : Bulk Muscle

Brand : BPI SportsProduct Categories : Weight Gainers
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BPI Sports : Bulk Muscle

BPI Sports Bulk Muscle Mass Gainer

  • 625 Calories
  • 53g Mass-Building Protein*
  • High Protein to Carb Ratio*
  • Mixes Effortlessly*

BULK MUSCLE is exactly what you are looking for – a Lean HARDCORE Muscle Building Gainer. It delivers more protein, more carbohydrates, more calories and more quality LEAN MUSCLE in a powerful 2 scoop punch. Our amino profile is second to absolute none and provides substantial growth, recovery, and strength when you need it most. It is a monumental hardcore GAINER profile that helps to support even the most strenuous and intense workouts.*

  • 5.82 Lbs

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