Core Nutritionals : Core Burn

Core Nutritionals : Core Burn

Brand : Core NutritionalsProduct Categories : Fat Burners
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Core Nutritionals : Core Burn

The Ultimate Fat Incinerator

Every week, there is a new story about a “breakthrough” or “miracle” substance that will make every other ingredient before it obsolete. Some of these claims may have merit, but the truth is that the biochemical processes of lipolysis are very complex and tightly regulated by the endocrine system and other biochemical pathways. Navigating this maze to effectively manage weight and body composition therefore requires more than a single, “miracle” compound: it involves numerous agents that together activate certain metabolic functions, while suppressing others. No single, “magic” compound does the job alone.*


Containing 10 properly dosed, highly effective ingredients, Core Burn’s synergistic blend is second to none at supporting:*

  • Increased Metabolism and Lipolysis (Fat Loss)*
  • Decreased Appetite and Hunger Cravings*
  • Healthy Body Composition and Lean Body Mass*
  • Healthy Maintenance of Blood Sugar Levels*
  • Increased Thyroid Activity*
  • Jitter Free, Clean Energy*
  • Mental Focus and Clarity*
  • Enhanced Mood and Sense of Well Being*

Core BURN is formulated to drop the kitchen sink and “miracle” ingredient tactics, and instead uses a diverse range of proven ingredients to create a powerful, balanced, and effective product. Core BURN is designed to target precise primary and secondary metabolic pathways, at multiple targets, to ensure maximum effectiveness. No more playing darts in the dark when it comes to weight management categories; randomly including ingredients, in whatever servings, hoping that something works. Specific. Multi-targeted. These words exemplify the new approach: amazing ingredients, in clinically-reflected serving sizes, all included in a non-proprietary blend so you know exactly what you’re consuming.*

  • 150 Capsules

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