GAT : Supertein

GAT : Supertein

Brand : GATProduct Categories : Protein Powder
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GAT : Supertein

Ultra-Premium Multi-Action Supershake with Hydrolyzed Whey & Capros

What makes Supertein so popular with everyone from beginners to professional bodybuilders and fitness stars? Supertein makes dieting easier and more enjoyable. Its precision blend of “best of breed” ingredients creates a smooth and satisfying taste and texture that you would never expect from a protein supplement. These same ingredients also contribute to Supertein’s incredible nutritional value.

  • Muscle-building proteins*
  • Whey hydrolysate for maximum anabolism*
  • Multi-action formula
  • Rich, exotic, advanced flavor system
  • Natural digestive enzyme support*
  • Clinically-studied antioxidant with 17x the power of pomegranate*
  • Low in fat, zero trans fats
  • No added sugar
  • Zero fructose
  • Zero aspartame
  • 100% gluten-free

The Smoothest, Most Satisfying Protein!

Supertein is one of the best-tasting protein shakes you’ll ever use. It’s for getting lean and for building lean muscle. Supertein is the perfect protein supplement to stack if your goal is to build lean muscle and lose fat fast.*

It’s premium quality, with a powerful 45 grams of protein per scoop. Yet, Supertein is ultra-low fat, ultra-low carb and ultra-low sugar, too! Only 40mg cholesterol, and zero trans fats. And, it contains a clinically-studied antioxidant 17x the power of pomegranate and is loaded with BCAAs, EAAs, Glutamine, & Glutamine Precursors.*

100% Stackable

Supertein is 100% stackable with thermogenics like GAT’s premier Jetfuel and Pyro fat-burners. So, accelerate your results and get a whole-body nutritional experience, too. Try Supertein today!*

  • 2 Lbs
  • 5 Lbs

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