Met-Rx : Xtreme Size Up

Met-Rx : Xtreme Size Up

Brand : Met-RxProduct Categories : Weight Gainers
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Met-Rx : Xtreme Size Up

Product Highlights

If you are one of those people who have a tough time packing on solid, powerful mass, try MET-Rx Xtreme Size Up, specially designed for hard gainers who want to gain weight and pack on mass. MET-Rx Xtreme Size Up features four Optimizer Blends to help you keep growing when other weight gainers quit! Our specially selected nutrients are designed to meet your body’s needs for both immediate and sustained energy and protein synthesis.*

  • 60g protein
  • 64-67g High-Quality Complex Carbs
  • 3g Creatine
  • 3g Glutamine
  • 600 Calories
  • No Fructose or Aspartame
  • Mixes Quickly and Goes Down Easy

The Secret is the Source of Protein

Metamyosyn Muscle Mass Optimizer Blend

Combines the trusted Metamyosyn protein blend, with extra Whey Protein and Creatine, to proved sustained, highly bioavailable fuel for your body’s protein needs. A combination of fast and slow proteins results in a more prolonged absorption rate allowing extended muscle-amino delivery. By extending the delivery of all essential amino acids to your muscles, MET-Rx Xtreme Size Up helps to stop you from going into a catabolic state which can otherwise lead to muscle loss.*

The Met-Rx Metamyosyn Muscle Mass Optimizer Blend Utilizes complete proteins from the finest sources to ensure every amino acid required by your muscles is supplied.*

Complex Carb Optimizer Blend

Contains high fiber and top-quality complex carbs to intensify the time release effects of the Metamysyn Muscle Mass Optimizer Blend and keep you pumped with nutrients for a longer period. This specialized blend contains 64g of complex carbs, providing about 80% of the total carbohydrates in MET-Rx Xtreme Size Up (79g total carbs).

MET-Rx Xtreme Size Up is formulated with no fructose, so you won’t experience the dreaded crash and burn that comes from consuming sugar-laden formulas. Keep your mind energized with complex carbs so you can keep training and growing!*

Lean Lipid Optimizer Blend

Contains just the right amount of dietary fats per serving. We know that your goal in your workout is to pack inches onto your biceps rather than your waist, so we didn’t compromise quality with loads of unhealthy fats that could slow down your progress.

MET-Rx Xtreme Size Up contains both quick digesting MCTs and slower digesting flaxseed and sunflower fats, which allows for increased energy availability over an extended time period. Best of all, there are not unhealthy trans-fats in our formula.*

MultiVitamin Optimizer Blend

Packed with a rich source of specially selected vitamins and minerals essential to carbohydrate and protein metabolism. Optimal intake of key vitamins and minerals is especially important when following a high-calorie diet and exercise program for mass gains, in order to assure proper usage and muscle metabolism of ingested calories. You can rest assured that our comprehensive blend of the right vitamins and minerals will complement your nutrition plan to support your bodybuilding goals and optimal health.*

Serious Gains

In order to make serious gains, you need to train hard, get lots of rest, and take in plenty of key nutrients. MET-Rx Xtreme Size Up makes it easy to get the high quality protein, complex carbs and essential nutrients that are important for a serious, intensive training program.

  • 6 Lbs

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