Mutant : Micellar Casein

Mutant : Micellar Casein

Brand : MutantProduct Categories : Vitamins & More
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Mutant : Micellar Casein


  • Slow Release Micellar Casein*
  • No Acid Casein Or Caseinates*
  • 24 Grams Of Protein Per Scoop*
  • Helps Build Muscle And Prevent Muscle Breakdown*

Mutant Micellar contains micellar casein which is a revolutionary protein that is undenatured. It delivers amino acids to your bloodstream for up to 7 hours after one serving. Slower releasing proteins help prevent your body from slipping into a catabolic state — a condition where your body actually starts eating itself. During catabolism, your body sends signals to utilize your muscle’s amino acids to meet its metabolic needs. This condition wreaks havoc on muscle tissue and can hold your gains back. To combat catabolism, take in slower-releasing proteins like Mutant Micellar in between meals and late at night before bed, to help slowly nourish your body while you sleep.*

  • 4 Lbs

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