Mutant : PRO 100

Mutant : PRO 100

Brand : MutantProduct Categories : Whey Protein
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Mutant : PRO 100


Bodybuilders don’t eat for taste they eat for SIZE! Every MUTANT knows that when it comes to packing on muscle, nothing’s better than whey. The biological value is higher than any other protein source, it’s easy to digest, and it’s loaded with glutamine, BCAAs, and other growth peptides. But when was the last time you actually looked forward to drinking your protein shake? One you just couldn’t wait to chug down or sip and savor the dessert-like taste? If you’re like most of us, you just go through the motions each day. Scoop out the powder, drop it in water, mix, and swallow. You know you need protein so you just do it. When it comes to whey, great taste is something we’ve all just learned to live without as we drink shake after shake. But MUTANT PRO100 is going to change all this forever…

Clean Whey is the Only Way

To engineer the best tasting protein in bodybuilding, it starts with pure clean whey. No low quality, high lactose whey your body doesn’t need, just 100% pure whey protein you can trust. We lab test every ingredient that goes into PRO100 so that you know what’s on the label is inside the bottle. Clean whey costs more, but when you try it you’ll realize the taste is just unbelievable. Each serving of PRO100 contains 25 grams of the cleanest, purest whey protein available.*

Whey protein is the fastest digesting protein available. It also has the highest biological value of any protein source. That means the protein in PRO100 reaches your muscles faster after you drink it. This is ideal when you wake up in the morning, in between meals, and after a workout.*

It’s All About The Taste!

When it comes to taste, nothing beats PRO100. This 100% gourmet whey protein is the absolute best-tasting protein we’ve ever formulated! Each scoop feeds your muscles with 25 grams of pure whey protein isolate and concentrate with no added fillers or junk your body doesn’t need. 100% pure whey, no compromise.*

The Flavoring System

It may shock you, but some of the most expensive parts of any protein powder are the actual flavor ingredients themselves. Gram for gram, the flavoring ingredients can cost more than 10 times as much as the whey protein! Like anything in life, you get what you pay for. It’s pretty simple – include more flavor, and you’ll have a better-tasting protein. But in an effort to cut costs and boost profits, many brands use the least amount of flavoring available. The result is the current bland-tasting whey proteins you’ll find in stores and online. PRO100 is different. It contains the absolute best-quality flavoring system on the planet and we did taste test after taste test until we got it right. The end result is a protein shake that’s so delicious you’ll want to try all seven flavors. Each Mutant Pro 100 flavor is rich and creamy with absolutely no bitter whey after taste. It goes down smooth and will rock your taste buds!

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