Nutrex : Amino Charger

Nutrex : Amino Charger

Brand : NutrexProduct Categories : Energy Aminos
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Nutrex : Amino Charger

Amino Charger + Hydration

6G BCAA * .5G MGG * 2.5G

Amino Charger + Hydration Product Highlights

  • 6g of BCAA per serving
  • Experience Real Results from Full Effective (Clinical) Doses
  • With Magnesium Glycinate Glutamine Chelate (MGG)
  • Supports Muscle Development, Strength & Recovery
  • Optimizes Hydration for Increased Workout Performance

AMINO CHARGER +HYDRATION supercharges your body with a clinically dosed (full effective) amount of BCAA plus electrolytes for optimum hydration. 6g of BCAA along with Magnesium Glycinate Glutamine Chelate (MGG) support muscle development, strength and recovery. The added hydration complex helps to keep workout intensity high even under the toughest conditions.

  • 30 Servings

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