Optimum Nutrition : AmiNO Energy

Optimum Nutrition : AmiNO Energy

Brand : Optimum NutritionProduct Categories : Energy Aminos
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Optimum Nutrition : AmiNO Energy

AmiNO Energy by Optimum Nutrition pioneered the energized BCAA category. Positioned as a hybrid pre/intra-workout/all day supplement, containing both BCAAs and EAAs, caffeine, green tea, and green coffee extract. Designed to reduce fatigue, increase energy during a workout, increase focus, and help lead to a more powerful workout.


With only 29 calories per serving, AmiNO Energy could also be a great drink to have during the day – obviously you don’t want to be drinking litres of the stuff as it does contain caffeine, but 2-3 servings during the day are a great alternative to coffee, specifically when you need an extra energy kick bundled with muscle building amino acids.


How good does AmiNO Energy taste?

With about 10 flavors available including, fruit fusion, orange cooler, lemon lime, strawberry lime, blueberry, pineapple among others, Customer reviews have consistently scored the flavors 5 star, with strawberry and lime being particularly popular. The mixability is also really good, with no clumps reported.


AmiNO Energy Best Price

AmiNO Energy is generally a very affordable product, with 30serv retailing at below $20. We have seen deals at the $10 range – which is the best price on AmiNO Energy and an absolute bargain. We here at Fitness Deal News are always looking to find the best prices available, and you can sign up to our emails to compare prices for AmiNO Energy across different stores.


Final Verdict

A great amino acid drink, good kickstarter for you cardio session, extra fuel during your workout and a delicious, muscle building alternative to coffee throughout the day for an affordable price.

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