Performax HyperMax Review & Hands-on Experience

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perfomax hypermax

Performax HyperMax Review

Performax has been lurking on the horizon of pre-workout products for a few years now. Unlike the majority of companies in the business, who invest heavily in their marketing campaigns, Performax chose to focus all of its resources on its products and let the quality do its thing. And it seems to be working. People began talking about Performax after the success of HyperMax XT; however, the gossip is set to burst through the roof considering what the company has promised about the new and improved version of HyperMax. 

According to the company, HyperMax will focus, primarily, on energy, pumps, focus, blood flow, and performance. The promise of the new HyperMax, much like its previous versions, lies in how the product is set to keep the brains of fitness enthusiasts humming even in the most drastic circumstances and routines. It is a big promise to meet, but the company has been known to meet expectations with its preceding products as well.

What’s In It and Why?

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the product’s label and analyze if the latest version of HyperMax will be able to keep up or not:


Muscle Pumps and Endurance

Building upon the previous versions of HyperMax, Performax has tried to ensure that their newest product is able to cater to the pump and muscle endurance needs of most of the fitness enthusiasts. Below are the ingredients that Performax has bestowed upon HyperMax for this purpose:


Performax has increased the dosage of pure L-Citrulline, from 4g to a whopping 6g, in the new version of HyperMax. Citrulline has been proven, by research, to improve muscle contraction efficiency. It also has Nitric Oxide boosting abilities which, ultimately, mean that you will be able to muster up more reps towards the end of your workouts. You know what Arnold Schwarzenegger has got to say about the reps done after the point of pain, right?

Beta Alanine

The older version of HyperMax had Beta Alanine in a unique form, called Beta-O (Beta-Alanine Orotate). In the new version of the product, however, Performax seems to have shifted back to a 3g dosage of the regular beta-alanine. Beta-alanine, as we all know, is pivotal for boosting muscle endurance and reducing muscle soreness enabling you, in the process, to get in that all-important final set. Such a high dosage might cause tingling to a some, but most of us love it. 

L-Ornithine L-Aspartate

L-Ornithine L-Aspartate, or LOLA, has been proven, by research, to positively affect your muscle endurance. This increased muscle endurance means that you will be able to take on more pain during workouts and, thus, be able to push your limits further. This 1g dosage of LOLA that HyperMax has got to offer, truly, makes the product a dream if one wishes to surpass the limits of his usual workouts!

Agmatine Sulfate

Just like its predecessor, the latest version of HyperMax contains 1g of agmatine sulfate. Agmatine sulfate, basically, builds upon the magic of the products that have already been discussed. The fact that agmatine sulfate is boosts Nitric Oxide production and, at the same time, plays a role in improving the functionality of the brain, certainly, makes it a worthy addition to the formula.

Stimulants for Mood and Focus

This has, perhaps, been the epicenter of the previous version of HyperMax and it continues to be the “selling point” of the product. Regardless of whether you are unable to concentrate during your workouts or are just in a bad mood, one dosage of HyperMax is bound to help you up your game. Here are the ingredients that do all of the work:

B-Phenylethylamine HCL

HyperMax contains 400mg of B-Phenylethylamine HCL which is within the recommended dosage of the ingredient. B-Phenylethylamine HCL is a supplement that is used for several reasons, with mood enhancement being the biggest one of them. It occurs naturally in the systems of mammals and acts as a kind of a neuromodulator. Its usage has been proved to benefit one’s cognition and trigger weightloss, making it ideal for those who are looking to burn some fat. However, its consumption hasn’t yet been proven to be without side effects and, thus, has been rated to be potentially unsafe.

Eria Jarensis Extract

The fact that HyperMax contains 200mg of Eria Jarensis is what it makes it such an effective…happy potion (know what I mean?). Eria Jarensis is known to significantly elevate mood, for extended periods of time, making it perfect energizer and a potent mood enhancer. It has been known to give euphoric sensations enhance concentration for hours, ensuring that its consumers are on their toes during the entire workout. 

Hordeum Vulgare

HyperMax contains 50mg of Hordeum Vulgare. Hordeum Vulgare is a natural source of hordenine, the purpose of which is to enhance the effects of Eria Jarensis and make the efficacy and cognitive enhancement last even longer. 

The Energy Blend

As you’ll see, even though on the Performax HyperMax these appear as energy ingredients, really beyond caffeine the rest are again more of the Nootropic nature and really belong in the previous section.


HyperMax contains 350mg of anhydrous caffeine as a stimulant. It is bound to give most people a, much needed, kick in the butt to most people to ensure that they get up and running for their workout routines. 350mg is at the top of the range that most people can sustain without side effects. But if you are stim sensitive this might be too much for you. 

rauwolfia vomitoria

Rauwolfia vomitoria is a natural medicinal herb which has been used over the years for the treatment of hypertension and mental disorders.


People who have experienced the magic of Tyrosine will tell you how it improves their focus and makes them, completely, free of all kinds of stress. Such is the utility that the 1g dosage of L-Tyrosine in HyperMax has got to offer. It does not matter if you are a college student or an investment banker (poor soul!) you can be sure that your mind will be crystal clear and focused on the workout from the get-go!

Citrus aurantium

The fruit extracts of  (bitter orange) are traditionally used as weight-loss products and as appetite suppressants. The purpose here is to get you body temparture up and increase energy production.

The Label’s Bottom Line

There is no ‘earth shattering’ news here but a super impressive focus & mood blend delivers on the promise and expectations set by the previous version of this product.

Performax HyperMax best flavor

Performax HyperMax comes in 3 flavors (Blue Razz, Strawberry Kiwi, Tropical Splash). None of these blew our mind, but if we had to choose one it would be the tropical splash.

The Verdict

It is great to see a company like Performax, finally, getting the spotlight in the pre-workout category that it has deserved for quite some time now. Like the previous version of HyperMax, the new one seems to be set to deliver on its promise with a strong focus on, well, focus and mood. 

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