ProSupps Mr. Hyde NitroX & Dr. Jekyll NitroX Review

blog-icon By TJ Posted on July 5, 2017

ProSupps Mr. Hyde NitroX & Dr. Jekyll NitroX



The new pre workout series from ProSupps, the NitroX Series, is the brand’s newest products. It features the new versions for the Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll pre workouts called the Hyde NitroX and Jekyll NitroX. The new products have some new ingredients that replaced some of the old ingredients, and we’d like to help you understand how the new versions compare to their predecessors.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Pro Supps Mr. Hyde Nitro X




In both products, the changes are to a large extent in the focus department. 


Hyde NitroX – You can check out our review of the previous version of the Mr. Hyde here – and come back here to see what’s new. Pretty much the only differences are in the strength department, which ProSupps took the Agmatine out and replaced it with 500mg of Nitrosigine which is a pretty much improved version of Agmatine. Then we go to the energy department, where the Hordenine and N-Methyl-Tyramine have been replaced with 50mg of Theanine and NALT (N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine). In addition, ProSupps threw 25mg of TeaCrine too. Theanine has shown to enhance focus and concentration, NALT had cognitive boosting abilities and TeaCrine increases energy production, better mental focus and improved mood.


Jekyll NitroX – Again, you can check out our take on the original Dr. Jekyll here – and compare. Once again, the changes in the Jekyll NitroX are few just like with the Hyde NitroX. The Agmatine is again replaced with 500mg of Nitrosigine and 25mg of TeaCrine replace the amino matrix of Leucine, HMB and GABA.



The Label’s Bottom Line-  In both product the changes are minor, but we can see an improvement, although it isn’t big of a change. With the addition of new ingredients Nitrosigine and TeaCrine, both better versions of the ingredients they replaced. It seems the focus here was, well, of better focus (pan intended).




Taste & Mixability – The Jekyll NitroX is only available in 2 flavors – Lollipop Bunch and What-O-Melon, with the Hyde NitroX available in two extra flavors – Blue Razz Popsicle and Sour Green Apple. We had to try the flavors that are available for both products, with the Lollipop Bunch taking the cake for us. Mixability remained great, with no grain to be left behind.


Effectiveness –  We tried both the Hyde and Jekyll and we can safely say that the effectiveness hasn’t changed at all. Even for stim junkies like us, one scoop was just enough, and the results are pretty much the same. Not saying that this is a bad thing, since it is still a great pre workout, but once again it feels like using the same product.




You can find both Hyde Nitrox and Jekyll NitroX for $29.99 for a 30 serving tub. You can even get the Hyde NitroX for $17.49 for a 15 serving tub. Obviously, the 30 serving tub has a better value for money, and overall it has a solid price for what you get.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Pro Supps Mr. Hyde Nitro X




The new versions of Mr.Hyde and Dr.Jekyll introduced a few changes in their formula, though subtle, they are important. But we do question ProSupps’s decision in releasing such similar products and packaging it with a whole new series (though we like the NitroX branding). Both are still great products though, as Mr.Hyde and Dr.Jekyll remain one of the better pre workouts on the market.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Pro Supps Mr. Hyde Nitro X


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