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Best MYPROTEIN Whey Isolate Flavors 2019

The MYPROTEIN line is one of the most popular proteins on Fitness Deal News. The combination of value for money and quality is hard to win against. MYPROTEIN did a fantastic job coming up with and executing these flavors while incorporating 80% protein content per serving. They are one of the biggest companies in the world, praised for their best-selling whey protein. There are around 15 isolate flavors that are currently available at the MYPROTEIN site.


Now, flavor is a very personal thing. So in order to make sure we are hitting the mark with this MyProtein Whey Flavors List, we combined our personal opinions on these flavors with in-depth research on other reviews (including user reviews on the MYPROTEIN site, Youtube Reviews, Myprotein Whey Isolate Reviews). So this is an overall conclusion of the best whey isolate flavors MYPROTEIN has to offer.


When putting together this Best MyProtein Whey Flavors Review, we were looking into 4 key criteria:

    • Texture (thin to creamy)
    • Mixability (well…does it mix well?)
    • Flavor (the main event)
  • Aftertaste (what does it leave you with)

The selection below represents a mix of all of the above. So, if it is in this list you can rest assure its creamy, mixes well, tastes good and leaves you wanting more.



Updated March 2019

5. Chocolate Brownie

There are many chocolate isolate flavors and this is definitely a very good one. Chocolate Brownie tastes very similar to the Chocolate Smooth flavor which we loved. The chocolate flavor isn’t too overwhelming, making it a great option for all of you chocolate lovers.

4. Cookies & Cream

This is an interesting flavor because it doesn’t actually taste like cookies & cream at all, but rather more like a cold store-bought Starbucks frappuccino which is obviously still very tasty. This one definitely does the job while tasting very nice.

3. Cinnamon Roll

The Cinnamon Roll flavor truly feels like you’re having a cinnamon roll which is amazing. If you love cinnamon rolls you are guaranteed to like this one. The smell is also very pleasing, and the texture is really good, adding to the overall quality of this flavor.

2. Rocky Road

For all of you chocolate fans, Rocky Road is a great flavor that tastes like smooth and creamy chocolate milk with a cool twist that I am not quite sure how to explain, but it definitely makes it an interesting choice of flavor if you want to mix up your chocolate experience.

1. Salted Caramel

Still at the top of our list, the unbeatable Salted Caramel. Though it was tough, the salted caramel is STILL a distinct winner. The flavor is flat out amazing, the caramel is not too salty and it just gives you a good feeling. Even though all of these flavors are special, the salted caramel just tops them all!


Honorable Mentions

Chocolate Smooth

This flavor as mentioned is very similar to the chocolate Brownie and was definitely a favorite in the last year’s list. The name is actually the perfect description of the flavor, and the experience truly stands up to it – smooth, chocolaty, and an all up awesome flavor choice.

Chocolate Mint

This flavor consists of an incredible mix of chocolate and mint (which you either love or hate right?). Neither of the flavors are too overpowering and just go together so well. It is definitely one of the more refreshing flavors and we think is a must buy!


We thought we should mention that another element you might want to consider when using this list is that if for example, you hate the taste of caramel (REALLY??), then obviously, even though our pick tastes amazing, you will probably not enjoy it. So, apply your own flavor preference on top of ours and make the most out of this list! If you think we missed a good flavor on this list do let us know!

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