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After steel supplements hard-af review and AMPED AF comes CHARGED AF, the second pre-workout from Steel Supplements (with HARD AF being a whole other type of “pre workout”). This company is well known for its hardcore line of supplements, so you know you should generally expect their pre workouts to hit you hard or at least have some additional benefits to other high stim pre-workouts. You might have noticed it is quite difficult to understand the differences between the two pre workouts  - AMPED AF and CHARGED AF by searching it online, so let’s dive in to charged af pre-workout
Posted August 25, 2020
Static Labz 1,3 VOLT Pre-Workout review After Dark Energy Pre-Workout and DARK LABS Crack broke the DMAA silence, comes another monster! You've probably never heard of Static Labz and that's because they are newly-emerging company who recently developed, in my opinion, one of the most intense pre workouts on the market right now. I know this seems like a crazy statement for a pre workout that just came out, but hear me out. The 1'3 Volt pre workout has 100 mg of DMAA and 6400 mg of Beta Alanine per scoop which are both some of the largest doses we have
Posted July 25, 2020
Hard AF by Steel Supplements is a different type of pre workout if you will. If you’re over 40 (or sometimes even 30) you know your test level goes down, your libido might be going down and generally speaking it just becomes harder to get hard. If judging from the AMPED AF Review from Steel Supplements, this company knows what they’re doing. HARD-AF is supposed to be a natural, over-the-counter replacement for erectile dysfunction medications that are for once very expensive, and they require prescription. The bottle has 20 capsules and the recommended dosage is 2 capsules, so you get
Posted July 10, 2020
Well, this has to be one of the most anticipated reviews of 2020! Dark Labs CRACK created quite a buzz around it with a label that takes no prisoners! 120MG of DMAA and a bunch of other stuff that is supposed to take your workout to another planet. As always, we took this baby for a ride in order see for ourselves if the pre workout lives up to the promise!
Posted June 30, 2020
Transparent Labs Joint Support Review
Unbiased Transparent Labs Joint Support review & breakdown. Young or old, chances are you at some point will look into a joint support product. For sure if you are lifting regularly. Through the years, I have tried over 20 different joint support products. Sometimes after an injury or starting to feel pain, and some times just for preventive reasons. In this review, we will dive into the Transparent Labs Joint Support supplement and try to take a close look into what is the promise and give you our opinion based on our personal experience.
Posted May 23, 2020
Woke AF Pre Workout Review Das Labs is the brand behind BUCKED UP, yeah, both the brand and the pre-workout. The company with the very apparent deer heavy label design has been doing well. It started with their original Bucked Up pre-workout which its claim to fame was the inclusion of Deer Antler extract, which definitely allowed the company to get some attention. Since then, the company introduced several new products, including WOKE AF, which is positioned the brands high stim pre-workout. I love the branding and the very strict strategy of the company around maintaining high value (aka - no
Posted March 2, 2020
What's going on everyone TJ fitness deal news reviews and together with me the much-anticipated assassin hunting pre-workout by Apollon Nutrition with their sub-brand Anarchy Labs. Listen, people, I don't think I don't think I had on the channel any Pre workout which had so much anticipation for the review and mostly because the label on this thing is by far the craziest label we've ever seen a pre-workout. This Pre Workout tests the definition of a stim junkie.
Posted March 1, 2020
Steel Supplement Review
Steel Supplements Reviews All the latest & most updated Steel Supplements Reviews and Steel Supplements Discount Codes in one place! In the tradition of Fitness Deal News we give each product the full treatment, going deep into the ingredient panel but even more important sharing with you our honest experience, so you know exactly what to expect! Steel Supplements Shredded AF Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98O7ae9XEn4 [product_btn id='152772'] Steel Supplements Charged AF Review All in all – I like CHARGED AF better than AMPED AF for most use cases. AMPED AF hits harder, but the experience was better with CHARGED AF. Better mood elevation, focus and over all energy.
Posted February 29, 2020
Imperial Nutrition Excelsior Pre Workout Review If you haven't heard about Imperial Nutrition, you are not a lone. This company has been hiding under a rock for a long time until rumors started surfacing in the last 6 months about this legendary pre-workout - Excelsior - that can make you fly. Then you took a quick look at the label, and well, you probably wasn't very impressed...me neither. But just like we always do here on Fitness Deal News, we had to give it a shot. And well, there's more to this pre workout than the label will show...and to be
Posted February 24, 2020

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