The average Joe, will look at the sticker price and poundage (weight) and will run a simple math. Well, 5lb of protein powder for $34 at Costco is a great price compared to an Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard right? same 5lb but for $53. Easy right? Well, not so fast.

On the surface of things the Costco powder is a whooping $19 cheaper (35%)....well, not so fast. Comparing poundage is, and excuse my language, nothing but stupid. Why you ask? Well, because you are not getting 5lb of protein in any of the alternatives above. Yeah, I know the product says 5lb of protein what!

So, in order to help you get things right, here's a very simple way to understand what you are actually getting and how much are you paying for it.
In this Fitness Science Bit we bring you an experiment conducted by Deborah Rohm Young, Ph.D., from Kaiser Permanente. This experiment tests the effects of physical activity and sedentary on your heart in general, and the likelihood of heart failure as a result of each one of the two.
In this fitness science bit we will be examining the post workout effect of fast absorbing protein, aka whey protein, and slow absorbing protein, such as  whole foods and casein, on muscle synthesis and eventually muscle growth.
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