Cellucor Super HD Fire - Fat Burner Review

blog-icon By TJ Posted on March 16, 2017

Cellucor Super HD Fire - Fat Burner Review




Coming on the hills of the popular (and expensive) Cellucor Super HD comes an innovative new product – the Super HD Fire. Cellucor is coming out with a really cool approach with a morning and afternoon weight loss formula, or as they call it – ‘Two Stage weight loss formulation’. As far as we know, this is the first ‘two step’ fat burner we have ever seen (with that said, you should expect the copycuts to be out with something similar very soon).




Yeah, you guessed it, we will need to split this table into two…one section for the morning formula and one for the afternoon one. The morning & afternoon bottles come in 28 servings, which should take you through just about a month. Unfortunately this is a proprietary blend, so we can’t attest to the actual dosages.

Cellucor Super HD Fire Supplements Facts

 Key Ingredients & DosageOur Take
Morning Formula (Igniter Blend)Sensoril Ashwagandha: Helps reduce stress
Caffeine: increase energy levels & cravings
Capsimax Cayenne: Helps your body to use fat for energy.
Coming in at a total of 446 mg, this is an interesting & simple list of ingredients that should keep you chilled while your metabolism is working harder.
Afternoon Formula (Fuel BlendDyglofit: Helps to reduce weight, waist to hip circumference and body fat percentage.
Caffeine: increase energy levels, alertness and can improve performance.
Capsimax Cayenne: Helps your body to use fat for energy.
Toothed Clubmoss: Helps with memory, learning and general well being.
Coming in at a total of 485 mg, the afternoon formula brings in more focus on, well, focus and steps up the fat burning effect.


The Label’s Bottom Line- First and foremost we like the idea that your morning & your afternoon need something different. Yet, though the ingredients themselves are 50% different between the formulas, their intended effect is very much related.




Super HD FIRE is retailing for $69.99 for the 28 days (2×28 caps) and $99 (!) for 2 x 56 days supply. Yes, this sounds crazy expensive and yes it is. Cellucor Fat Burners are known to be ‘for the rich’. As far as value for money, for sure you can find better value for money fat burners. As always if you shop smart and wait for the right timing you could find these on sale for up to 50% less. We’ve all ready seen it as low as $48 and $78.99 respectively. 




The SUPER HD Fire brings in an interesting twist on the fat burner concept, and Cellucor deserves the kudos for innovative in a space that has ‘seen everything’. When it comes to the formula itself, there’s nothing really earth-shattering here. Even further, we’ve seen better-balanced formulas in our top 10 fat burners for 2017. But if you are in the market for assistance in your ‘shedding some fat’ journey and you waited for us to hunt the right deal on the SUPER HD FIRE, then why not give it a shot.


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