ALR : Chain'd Reaction

ALR : Chain'd Reaction

Brand : ALRProduct Categories : Complex Carbohydrates
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ALR : Chain'd Reaction

You need long lasting calories for rapid glycogen over-load NOW…so what do you do? Well, you could hang a couple I.V. bags to by-pass the digestive system for constant glycogen feed, but let’s get real here: You need Chain’d Reaction. Why? Chain’d Reaction is the first of a new generation of Glycogen Super-Overload and Performance Matrix Drinks that has been structurally altered and pre-digested for immediate utilization and prolonged performance.*

  • Dramatic increases in muscle glycogen super-overload and optimal nutrient infusion*
  • Long-term performance energy reserves and muscle volumization*
  • Optimal GI clearance rate so your muscles don’t have to wait*
  • Increased nutrients drawn into the blood stream and lean mass*
  • No bloating, No stomach/GI upset*
  • Low osmotic response*
  • Optimal electrolyte modulation*
  • Inhibition of fat stores*
  • Begins final pre-digestion upon mixing*

Hydrolyzed Rice Syrup solids: A structurally controlled enzyme hydrolysis (pre-digestion) procedure creates the perfect ratio of immediate, mid, and long-acting carbohydrates significantly supporting an environment of glycogen super-overload without fat storing excessive insulin spikes. The result is forced shuttling of performance, recovery and growth-supercharging nutrients into the body faster but lasts longer than dextrose, waxy maize and other low or high molecular weight carbohydrates. This means all performance-oriented people including diabetics, glucose intolerants and low-carb dieters.*

MCT Oil (From coconut oil for optimal absorption rate): High energy “fatless fat” that by-passes normal fat digestion for near immediate energy while actually inhibiting fat storage. It is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and goes to the liver, where it is converted to ketone bodies. Ketones are an immediate energy source that can be used at the same time as carbohydrates for energy thus increasing lean tissue cellular up-take. Many studies validate the significant increase in metabolic rate and fat burning affect induced by MCT oil. Most believe this is in part due to increased thyroid activity. Interesting that MCT oil does not slow gastric emptying nor inhibit anabolic nutrient shuttling of glucose, fats and amino acids into cells via insulin.*

Digestive Enzyme Matrix: The moment Chain’d Reaction enters your body, nutrient assimilation begins. This obviously also supports digestion and lean tissue utilization of other nutrients already in the body including cellulose. With the inclusion of a COMPLETE Digestive Enzyme Matrix, Chain’d Reaction allows for greater glycogen loading and performance as well as endurance and post recovery. A human’s size and body composition is not a result of food and nutrient intake, but rather, a result of what is digested and when.*

Think about this for a minute… As the makers of HumaPro and Chain’d Out we at ALR Industries have a great deal of proven real-world experience in the science of nutrient repartitioning and optimal nutrient utilization for results you can see and feel. Now you can increase ingested caloric utilization for performance, recovery and growth Chain’d Reaction while getting the most out of Glycogen Super-Overload! Now you know why we named it Chain’d Reaction!*

Chain’d Reaction comes in unflavored and an amazing watermelon flavor. Chain’d Reaction can be mixed with WTF, Chain’d Out and/or HumaPro to create the synergy to maximize your performance needs like no other. Chain’d Reaction is NOT just another waxy maize or barley starch product!*

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