ALR : Cyclo-Creation

ALR : Cyclo-Creation

Brand : ALRProduct Categories : Creatine
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ALR : Cyclo-Creation

The New Standard in Performance Nutrition

Cellular Energy Superfood

The Cyclo-Creation formulation is synergistically structured around a little known compound called cyclo-creatine phosphate (CCP). CCP is combined with an elite phosphate and recovery matrix for all athletes and sports players who need to naturally and safely increase their VO2max and oxygen capacity before key events or training periods. When taken in the build-up to competition, CCP + our elite phosphate and lactic acid buffering synergists, helps to prime your body with a scientific nutrient matrix proven to support prolonged enhanced anaerobic and aerobic exercise performance potential significantly. If you need a real performance edge – you need Cyclo-Creation.*

Not Just Another Creatine Hydrate, Salt, Alcohol or Ester.

Those are all still just regular creatine once they enter the blood stream with different levels of creatinine by-product waste. So what is the difference between them? Some have better solubility and absorption than others so some deliver more actual free creatine into the blood stream than others and some induce greater or lesser formation of the waste product creatinine. It’s simply dose dependent, but it is still creatine. Nevertheless, don’t underestimate this important ergogenic: Creatine is certainly one of the most effective performance aids to date. Even after over 20 years of athletic use and scientific study validation, few performance nutrition products have been as safe or effective. Nonetheless, cyclo-creatine phosphate (CCP) has been in research since before the 70’s and still on going. So Cyclo-Creation is far from a new compound nor is it lacking scientific research. However, Cyclo-Creationwith CCP from ALR Industries is beyond anything else currently available in performance nutrition that is intended to support significant increases in functional performance and work-load capacity. With the added post-performance benefits of greater functional lean muscle gains, greater recovery and fat loss, maybe it’s time to try Cyclo-Creation and take that next big step toward your performance and physique goals.*

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