ANS Performance : DILATE

ANS Performance : DILATE

Brand : ANS PerformanceProduct Categories : Stim Free Pre Workout
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ANS Performance : DILATE

Clinically Proven Muscle Pumps & Endurance

  • Supports Incredible Skin-Splitting Muscle Pumps*
  • Maximizes Nitric Oxide Production*
  • Enhances Plasma Volume & Maximizes Vasodilation*
  • Increases Uptake of Critical Nutrients*
  • Prolongs Endurance for Physical Activity*
  • Enhances Muscle Cell Hydration & Size*
  • Supports Sexual Health*

Dilate is undoubtedly the most advanced nitric oxide plasma and muscle volumizing supplement even developed. The marriage between cutting edge glycerin delivery technology and hardcore ingredient science is personified is every concentrated dose. DILATE will increase definition, muscle size, vascularity, strength and endurance to heights previously unattainable. Get ready for the biggest pump of your life!*

Dilate will support definition, muscle size, vascularity, strength and endurance in reaching heights previously unattainable* Get ready for the biggest pump of your life!*

Dilateenhances nitric oxide levels using 3 different mechanisms that effectively elevate nitric oxide (NO) both acutely as well as over many hours: (i) Dilate supports plasma arginine levels with citrulline malate, leading to conversion via the NOS pathway to NO; (ii) it generates a 300% nitric oxide increase with a human clinical dose of quercetin, (iii) and DILATE utilizes the nitrate pathway with our potent beet root extract to generate nitric oxide.* However, it doesn’t stop there!

Dilate fills the relaxed blood vessels with volumized plasma using the osmotic power of it’s Liquid Glycerin Delivery system. Water is pulled into the blood and muscle cells delivering an incomparable pump and vital nutrients along with it. Each 4 capsule dose of Dilate delivers 2 grams of glycerin!

What is in Dilate?

Liquid Glycerin (pharmaceutical grade)

This ingredient acts an osmotic agent and pulls water into plasma and cells.* Promotes muscle fullness and prevents dehydration at a cellular level, thereby enhancing cellular endurance and preventing fatigue.* This is not the same ingredient as glycerol monostearate – where glycerin is bound to the fatty acid stearic acid – this is the ultra-pure, highly soluble form that also functions as a carrier of the remainder of the ingredient system partitioning the ingredients directly into plasma and muscle cells.*

Citrulline Malate

This powerful ingredient provides multiple benefits. It improves both aerobic and anaerobic performance capacity by influencing lactic acid metabolism and reducing fatigue. Citrulline also increases plasma arginine levels more effectively than arginine itself – thereby providing the key substrate for nitric oxide generation via nitric oxide synthase (NOS).*


A powerful antioxidant, with numerous studies demonstrating improved athletic performance, endurance, VO2 max as well as rapid nitric oxide production; quercetin has been clinically suggested to increase baseline nitric oxide levels by 300% with a 200mg dose within 30 minutes of administration.*

Beta vulgaris extract

Our custom extract of beet root, delivers enhanced levels of naturally occurring nitrates. Beet root juice has been extensively studied for its endurance supporting properties due to nitrate content, which converts to nitric oxide in the body.*

Yohimbe bark extract

The alkaloids found in yohimbe bark can support sexual heath as well as supporting mood and focus.* But they also increase blood flow augmenting the effects of DILATE, at the same time as increasing energy production and potentially aiding fat loss.*


A true blood vessel ‘dilator’, vinpocetine acts primarily in the brain, increasing blood flow, improving oxygen utilization and strengthening the mind-muscle connection while you work out.*

Vitamin C

Vitamin C acts as a free radical scavenging antioxidant, reducing nitrate tolerance.* It also greatly enhances NOS activity, therefore increasing the rate of nitric oxide production.

B Vitamins

The B vitamins enhance the body’s natural metabolism, cellular energy generation and DNA repair.*

  • 30 Servings

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