CytoSport : Monster Isolate

CytoSport : Monster Isolate

Brand : CytoSportProduct Categories : Whey Protein Isolate
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CytoSport : Monster Isolate

Monster Isolate

NSF Certified for Sport – Free of Banned Substances:

NSF screens supplements for more than 200 substances banned by most major athletic organizations. The main components of NSF certification program are label claim review, a toxicology review to certify the formulation, and contaminant review to ensure against contaminants

25G Protein From Whey Protein Isolate:

100% of the 25g of protein comes from one source – whey protein isolate, which is naturally rich in glutamine and the branched-chain amino acids (isoleucine, leucine and valine).

6G BCAAs From Whey Protein Isolate:

When used as a part of your workout recovery the BCAAs can help promote muscle growth.

2.8G L-Leucine From Whey Protein Isolate:

This amino acid helps stimulate muscle growth synthesis at the cellular level.

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