Driven Sports : Splyce

Driven Sports : Splyce

Brand : Driven SportsProduct Categories : Intra Workout
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Driven Sports : Splyce


Splyce is intra-workout fuel based on branch-chain amino acids (BCAA) with a supporting cast of ingredients that have been shown to promote muscle building and enhance muscle volume. Splyce can allow you to train harder and for longer because it provides the amino acids that are metabolized directly in the muscle. Not only can this help switch off catabolic enzymes that can break muscle down, it can also delay the fatigue that can hinder a long, hard workout.*

  • Elevate levels of protein synthesis for more muscle*
  • Promote muscle cell volume for fuller, rounder muscles*
  • Train harder and recover quicker with naturally occurring anabolic agents*

Let Nothing Hold You Back

As always we went above and beyond, setting out to create more than just a reliable, delicious, top-quality BCAA supplement – we bring new products to market with every athlete in mind, and Splyce is just another rung in the ladder to your ultimate natural performance enhancement arsenal.*

The comprehensive blend of a scientifically-backed fatigue reducing matrix, growth stimulating amino acids, and every athlete’s first growth stimulator, FractoFuse, will give you the precious edge that Driven Sports has been bringing to natural athletes for years, helping you seek and destroy – every rep, every set, beyond your limits.*

More muscle, less fat, and unparalleled performance enhancement, only with Driven Sports Splyce.*

  • 40 Servings

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