Fast Track Nutrition : Fast Whey

Fast Track Nutrition : Fast Whey

Brand : Fast Track NutritionProduct Categories : Whey Protein
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Fast Track Nutrition : Fast Whey
Benefits:- 17 grams protein
– Only 110 calories
– Increase repair and recovery
– Promotes improved absorption
– Formulated with added grass fed whey
– Soy allergen free and non-gmo
– Supports digestive health
– Supports the immune system
– Delivers 10X more active cultures more effectively than yogurt

At Fast Track Nutrition we have but one goal, to get your hard working body the nutrition it needs to thrive. No longer do you have to over think or over take supplements to get minuscule amounts of ingredients and little benefit.

Our delivery system binds superior nutrition with probiotic powerhouse GanedenBC30 getting it to your digestive tract where it’s absorbed quickly and completely. Our Absorb More Take Less Technology means you get the support your body needs, and the results you deserve at a price that makes sense. Welcome to the Fast Track.

Fast Whey Protein provides your body with a rich source of naturally occurring branched chain amino acids (the building blocks for protein) and lipids (fats) that your body can readily absorb. Recreational and professional athletes alike know protein is essential to the body. During and after exercise, amino acids are in high demand to fight fatigue and to support muscle repair and recovery. Fast Whey provides 17 grams of quality protein in addition to 600mg of Taurine, an antioxidant functioning amino acid known to improve neuromotor and neuromuscular development. Fast Whey mixes easily, tastes amazing and will put you on the Fast Track to achieving your desired results.

ADDED BENEFITS: Stacks well with Pro BCAA, Pro Creatine and Pro Glutamine.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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