FitMiss : Cleanse

FitMiss : Cleanse

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FitMiss : Cleanse

“Toxins.” That’s a scary word. It’s even scarier to think that “toxins” exist in your body! So get rid of them! FitMiss Cleanse was specifically designed to get your digestive system clean and make you feel amazing. So start today and get clean and sexy from the inside out. Let’s get cleansed!*

Excess Waste

Excess waste could be affecting your weight loss goals. The average person’s colon is packed with 5 to 20 pounds of accumulated waste! If your stomach isn’t flat, it’s probably at least partially due to “waste pounds.” This excess material makes you look bad, drains energy, and can cause sickness.*

FitMiss Cleanse offers a full body cleansing and detoxification system for your colon, liver, kidneys, stomach, blood, urinary tract, lungs, and skin. With a daily cleanse, clothes may fit loosely in the stomach area due to waste elimination.*

Cleanse is fast and powerful, yet gentle enough for travel, work, and a normal routine. Removing toxins and accumulated waste eases bloating and gas, fights parasites and bacteria, and improves your health and energy.*

  • 60 Capsules

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