iSatori : CT Fletcher ISYMFS

iSatori : CT Fletcher ISYMFS

Brand : iSatoriProduct Categories : Pre Workout Powder
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iSatori : CT Fletcher ISYMFS

ISYMFS is not for the faint of heart – it’s for the chosen few who are set to go beyond their mental and physical limits to a place where only true Iron Addicts will venture.

  • Hard-Hitting Energy, Focus, and Intensity*
  • Game-Changing Strength and Power*
  • Unmatched Taste!
It’s Still Yo Mutha F’n Set!

As powerful as CT Fletcher is, even the Original Iron Addict needs to crank up the volume when he steps foot in the gym to attack the iron with unrelenting intensity. This is where new ISYMFS comes into the picture. Step into the world of a product as obsessed about the perfect workout as CT himself. This high-powered formula delivers on CT’s promise of game-changing intensity, focus, power, and a will to dominate every single rep. After all, when it’s all said and done, “It’s Still Yo Mutha F’n Set!”

Unleash the Power of ISYMFS

ISYMFS doesn’t hide behind the shadow of proprietary blends. The formula is as powerful and raw as CT himself. Here’s a breakdown of the scientifically substantiated formula that sets ISYMFS on a pedestal of preworkout supplements.

Two Scoops of ISYMFS Delivers:

2,400 mg CarnoSyn Beta-alanine. Get past the tingle and flush as CarnoSyn goes to work buffering hydrogen ions to give you better recovery and elevated performance in the gym.

3,000 mg HPLC Verified Creatine combo (Monohydrate and iSaCre Creatine Hydrochloride). The combination totaling 3 grams packs a punch when it comes to increasing strength, improving between-set recovery, and pressuring muscle fibers into growth through cell volumization.

150 mg elevATP — a breakthrough ingredient that naturally elevates adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP), which is the muscles’ primary source of fuel for short, intense bouts of high-intensity exercise (yeah, lifting weights…). elevATP goes to work within an hour to help drive up strength and between-set recovery

25 mg TeaCrine Theacrine. Keep the energy coming with this “energy stimulant” that has an extended release. It’s an alkaloid molecule, naturally occurring substance derived from plant extracts. Theacrine is commonly found in a traditional Chinese tea known as Camilla assamica or Kucha. This is a critical component to keep your energy high until the absolute last rep of the workout.

Betaine Anhydrous

1,500 mg Betaine Anhydrous. Not only is Betaine Anhydrous known to help stimulate the pump, but it also increases ion channel sensitivity. In simple terms, it increases the sensitivity of how the muscle fiber contracts. You’re getting a big dose of it in ISYMFS!

425 mg three-phase caffeine powerhouse (Caffeine Anhydrous [300 mg], Caffeine Citrate [75 mg], Di-Caffeine Malate [Infinergy 50 mg]. This is the motherload of CNS stimulation that gets you amped up to attack reps from start to finish.

5 mg Bioperine. Absorb more nutrients from the ISYMFS formula with the addition of Bioperine black pepper extract.

The Science of elevATP

Driving your body’s natural production of ATP is critical for increasing strength, power, and between-set recovery. In a human clinical trial, elevATP increased muscle tissue concentration by 400%. ISYMFS utilizes the exact amount of elevATP (per two scoops) as used in the study.*

Reyes-Izquierdo T et al. JARCP (2013) 2.2: 178-84.

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