iSatori : Restoraid

iSatori : Restoraid

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iSatori : Restoraid

RESTORAID Full Spectrum Muscle Recovery System Powered With BCAAs, p-Enzymes, and di-p Electrolytes

It’s like CPR for your muscles… and tastes absolutely delicious!

  • Sugar-Free
  • Micronized
  • No Stimulants
  • No Creatine
  • No Artificial Flavors or Colors

Did you know: virtually every “recovery”/amino-acid formula on the market today is built targeting the lowest possible market cost, using plain, powdered aminos? Sadly, this results in an inadequate formula that falls short of the training demands your body has after intense workouts. And worse, fails to address the full spectrum of a systematic muscle restoration and recovery process.

Before now, no other recovery formula ever produced an effect anywhere close to what Restoraid full spectrum recovery system produces. So, how is the Restoraid formula so different? Restoraid is designed specifically for serious weight trainers and elite athletes, whose demands from training push human physiology to its limits. Training so hard it can cause a nasty catabolic aftermath, stripping a month’s worth of gains away, virtually overnight.

That’s why Restoraid was engineered, to be the world’s first BCAA-based formula that addresses all three spectrums of muscle restoration to help you fully recover from the most intense workouts and get you back into the gym sooner, so you can train harder.*

What is Restoraid?

Restoraid is a full-spectrum muscle recovery system, scientifically engineered for serious athletes who require full muscle restoration and faster recovery.

What makes Restoraid better than just taking a typical amino acid drink mix?

It’s simple: Full recovery requires more than just low-priced, plain powdered aminos. You see, muscle and strength training places massive physiological demands on the body creating a catabolic (or muscle wasting) deficit and can even bring on serious muscle inflammation and soreness (DOMS—you know, how your leg muscles are more sore the day or two after the training day) and muscular dehydration. And while plain aminos can help, mildly, when your muscles aren’t fed a sufficient amount of aminos (rich in luecine), and are inflamed and deadly sore and dehydrated, they can’t undergo full muscle restoration and recuperation and, simply put, your muscles cannot grow, repair, and get bigger and stronger. Restoraid was scientifically designed to address all three primary spectrums of muscle restoration for faster recovery, reduced post-workout soreness and complete muscle hydration… so you can get back into the gym sooner to train harder!*

What’s inside Restoraid that makes it so effective?

Restoraid contains three key matrixes and a unique delivery system to support full-spectrum muscle recovery:

  1. Superior 8:1:1 Leucine-Isoleucine-Valine Amino Acid Ratio to help promote greater Anabolic mTOR pathway activation to trigger greater muscle protein synthesis, faster.*
  2. Complete Protease Enzyme & Co-factor Therapy Matrix to Help Reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and muscle inflammation, so you can get back into the gym sooner and train harder.*
  3. “Superhydration” Phosphate Electrolyte Complex to help keep your intra-cellular muscle cells fully hydrated for maximum muscular performance and to aid in muscle repair.*
  4. An Exclusive Waxy-Maize (sugar-free) Transport Delivery System for quicker uptake and enhanced bioavailability of the entire Restoraid formula.*
  5. Plus, a Delicious, Refreshing “Citrus Punch” Flavor: Restoraid tastes absolutely delicious and it doesn’t contain any sugar, stimulants, creatine, or artificial flavors or colors.*

Does Restoraid contain creatine?

No. In fact, Restoraid doesn’t contain any creatine, stimulants, artificial dyes, colors, or flavors, and it’s sugar free.

Is there any clinical evidence on the ingredients found in Restoraid?

Absolutely. Clinical studies are the backbone of our product development, and we scoured the ends of the earth to uncover the latest in scientific evidence which supports our key ingredients in Restoraid. For a full listing of the scientific studies that went into the research and development of our full spectrum muscle recovery system, Restoraid, scroll down to the bottom of the page, under “Scientific References.”

How fast will I start to notice any effects of Restoraid?

First, it’s important to note, the harder and more intensely you train, the more you will benefit (and notice the positive effects) of Restoraid. To feel the difference Restoraid can make in your training, and recovery, simply take Restoraid after your next workout, and notice how your muscles feel that day, the following day, and then the next day. We’re sure you’ll notice immediately that you’re not as sore as usual, and you’re recovering so much faster than you ever have before.*

How should I use Restoraid to maximize its effects?

Read the entire label carefully before using Restoraid, and follow the mixing directions. Consume one serving (a full scoop) of Restoraid immediately following your workout (within 30 minutes). An additional serving can be used anytime during the day, before and/or during workouts, at bedtime, or anytime you need more amino acids.*

Are the amino acids in Restoraid micronized?

Yes. The amino acids found in Restoraid are micronized, have been purity tested, and every batch is quality controlled in a certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) manufacturing facility, so you can be sure you are getting the highest pharmaceutical grade amino acids available, for easy mixing and complete digestibility.*

What does Restoraid taste like?

If you’ve tasted most cheap amino-acid powered drink mixes, you already know they are pretty awful. Restoraid, on the other hand, was developed using a food chemist to help make the flavor absolutely delicious. The flavor is a light, refreshing, “Citrus Punch”… sort of like mixing fruit punch with old-time lemonade. It’s so good, you’ll want to sip on it all day (instead of plain water). What’s more, we didn’t need to use any artificial dyes, colors or artificial flavors to make it taste like your favorite drink mix.

Can I take Restoraid with medications?

If you are using any prescription medication or over-the-counter drugs, we always suggest you consult your primary physician before using Restoraid or any other supplement for that matter. And always remember to read the entire label and warnings before use to ensure you follow the directions properly.

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  • 30 Servings

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