Met-Rx : Protein Revolution

Met-Rx : Protein Revolution

Brand : Met-RxProduct Categories : Protein Powder
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Met-Rx : Protein Revolution

Protein Revolution

MET-Rx Protein Revolution is the ultimate muscle mass recovery formula – a cutting-edge protein formulation containing FOUR high-performance blends, designed to take your training to the next level.*

  • Superior “all-in-one” muscle mass formula
  • Contains FOUR high-performance blends for energy, strength, power and recovery!
  • 60g of Protein per workout day
  • Features ultra-filtered whey concentrate

This superior “all-in-one” formula contains the very latest sports performance nutrients for energy, strength, power, recovery and more! By incorporating this scientifically designed protein formula into your nutrition and training plan you’ll never need to stack multiple products again!*

Protein Revolution utilizes fast-acting whey protein for optimal support.*

Protein Revolution Blends

Pro Power Blend

A dynamic combination for power, force and strength. Works with whey protein to make sure your muscles have everything they need to power your workout.*

Pro Defense Blend

Packed with aminos needed by the body to support nitrogen levels.*

Pro Nutrient Blend

Helps to improve muscle sensitivity for efficient carbohydrate and nutrient absorption.*

Pro Transport Blend

Four fast-digesting carb sources spike energy levels for both long-term energy and instant fuel. Pro Transport Blend helps insulin response that improves Creatine transport into the muscle.*

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