MHP : Dark Matter Zero Carb Concentrate

MHP : Dark Matter Zero Carb Concentrate

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MHP : Dark Matter Zero Carb Concentrate



When compared with other post-workout recovery drinks, Dark Matter Zero Carb Concentrate is in a class of its own. Simply put, the new Dark Matter Zero Carb Concentrate is the muscle building solution for bodybuilders and dieters looking to build muscle and get ripped.* The formula takes advantage of the most recent scientific discoveries in post-exercise nutrition for optimizing protein synthesis and the anabolic actions of insulin to enhance muscle growth and recovery without carbs!*

So what is an athlete to do if they want to get ripped without sacrificing their hard earned muscle? Fortunately, a new post-workout solution is here – introducing new Dark Matter Zero Carb Concentrate from MHP.

  • Stimulates Muscle Building Protein Synthesis*
  • Helps Prevent Catabolism (Muscle Breakdown)*
  • Spikes Insulin Without Sugar and Carbs*
  • Faster Absorption Than Whey*
  • Helps Maximize Creatine Uptake & Glycogen Replenishment*


“I‘ve tested out DARK MATTER ZERO CARB CONCENTRATE as I prepared for the New York Pro. It allowed me to diet hard and not have to worry about losing muscle. It definitely worked as I came in 8 lbs. bigger and harder than ever.”*

Putting on muscle while getting shredded is a challenging task. In fact, most people often sacrifice and lose hard earned muscle in an effort to “cut up” for a contest or just to get lean. Athletes seeking to achieve very low body fat percentages – such as competitive bodybuilders – often have to resort to diet methods such as very low carbohydrate dieting and extreme caloric restriction. While these diets are effective for fat loss, they can leave you in a catabolic state. When an athlete lowers and restricts calories to achieve weight loss, they must maximize the quality of every single nutrient they put into their body to maintain or improve muscle quality.

Hard trained athletes on low carb or low calorie diets are extremely susceptible to post-workout catabolism. If you want to grow, you need nutrients as soon as possible after your workout session or your hard work will be for naught. But the dilemma for dieters has always been that post-workout formulas typically contain lots of carbohydrates, sugar and calories.


Dark Matter Zero Carb Concentrate takes a quantum leap forward into post-workout supplementation for low carb dieters. The “Anabolic Axis” is the time and point at which insulin levels simultaneously peak with amino acids and creatine to help optimize muscle protein synthesis, glycogen replenishment and nutrient transport into muscle during the critical post-workout “Window of Opportunity.” Dark Matter Zero Carb Concentrate opens the critical “Anabolic Window” to create a powerful anabolic reaction to stimulate muscle growth and recovery.*


The development of ProSYNTHAGEN Peptide is revolutionizing post-workout supplementation and clearly sets Dark Matter Zero Carb Concentrate apart from other products. Research suggests that triggering protein synthesis in tandem with spiking insulin can create the perfect environment for muscle growth. Typically, this is achieved by consuming fast-absorbing proteins with high amounts of carbohydrates after workouts. The good news for bodybuilders looking to get ripped and avoid extra calories and excessive carbs is that scientists recently identified a specific combination of amino acids and oligopeptides that triggers protein synthesis, spikes insulin and also replenishes glycogen – but without carbs! Dark Matter Zero Carb Concentrate contains this anabolic combination of aminos and peptides, making it possible for you to get ripped and gain muscle.*

Here’s how it works: Studies suggest that the branched chain amino acid leucine is largely responsible for making you grow. Dark Matter Zero Carb Concentrate includes the BCAAs in a potent leucine-loaded 10:1:1 ratio, providing an optimal dose of leucine to trigger anabolic-signaling pathways such as “mammalian target of rapamycin” (mTOR). mTOR is one of the body’s main regulators of protein synthesis, energy sensors and nutrient sensors of amino acid availability as is further amplified by the addition of leucine. Furthermore, modern day science has shown it’s not just about consuming amino acids; maximizing growth is about consuming high quality amino acids, as well. In this context, Dark Matter Zero Carb Concentrate provides a unique Dual Portal Amino Acid Matrix formula that optimizes amino acid absorption and muscle anabolism!*

To elaborate, the body has to break down proteins into amino acids and oligopeptides in order to absorb them. Well, Dark Matter Zero Carb Concentrate takes care of this for you! In addition to free form amino acids, this powerful post-workout formula also includes hydrolyzed proteins rich in peptide-bound glutamine di- and oligopeptides. Studies demonstrate that this combination of free leucine and hydrolyzed proteins can result in faster absorption through utilization of dual portal absorption systems.

But in order to maximize muscle growth you also need to stimulate the anabolic hormone insulin. The primary stimulator of insulin is glucose and glucose is also critical for replenishing muscle glycogen to supply energy for your next workout. But this post-workout formula contains zero carbs – a paradox indeed. This is why insulinotropic aminos, in combination with oligopeptides, have been used to mimic the actions of carbs and stimulate the release of insulin. This can help you save calories so you can shred those inches of fat off your waist.*


A fact many lifters are not aware of is that amino acids also have the ability to impact the release of insulin. This is why Dark Matter Zero Carb Concentrate contains insulintropic amino acids – the BCAAs and phenylalanine. Moreover, the advanced hydrolyzed protein mixture has been suggested to be a particular effective stimulator of insulin, thereby allowing you to get an effective insulin spike without carbs.*

Another interesting fact is that the amino acids leucine and glutamine can also play a role in glycogen replenishment. Dark Matter Zero Carb Concentrate supplies large amounts of both of these aminos. In addition, the high levels of BCAAs and glutamine peptides in Dark Matter Zero Carb Concentrate will further support muscle recovery.*


HydroSIZE completes the Anabolic Axis by providing a multi-source creatine formula that is bound to several molecules, taking advantage of different absorption pathways. This includes creatine monohydrate, which is time proven to work effectively. Creatine Magnapower (as magnesium creatine chelate) – a form of creatine that is transported by an alternate pathway than monohydrate – is also used, accelerating uptake and decreasing breakdown. Creatine gluconate is the third form in Dark Matter Zero Carb Concentrate. This is creatine bound by gluconate and absorbed in a similar manner as glucose. And lastly, glycerol monostearate is included to help improve the solubility of creatine, further enhancing absorption.


In order to increase uptake of the critical post-workout nutrients into muscle tissue, DARK MATTER ZERO CARB CONCENTRATE includes a group of powerful insulin potentiators in its iAMP Insulin Amplifier blend. These include 4-hydroxyisoleucine, an amino acid extracted from fenugreek seeds that can help stimulate insulin secretion and help control blood sugar levels. Guanidinopropionic acid, shown to help optimize blood sugar control, is also included in the iAMP Insulin Amplifier complex. Additionally, chromium picolinate is added to help improve insulin signaling and reduce insulin resistance. This proprietary blend of insulin amplifying compounds promotes the anabolic effects of insulin and helps increase nutrient absorption for greater muscle building and recovery.*

  • 40 Servings

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