Muscle Pharm : Hybrid NO

Muscle Pharm : Hybrid NO

Brand : Muscle PharmProduct Categories : Stim Free Pre Workout
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Muscle Pharm : Hybrid NO

(Hybrid N.O. is also available in convenient capsule form.)

Advanced Nitric Oxide Amplifying System: Explode Your Pumps.

MusclePharm has taken your typical NO product and upped the ante. The beginning was simple: our science team turned to superior ingredients, which naturally leads to superior results and a more effective finished product.*

  • With Super Arginine ingredient, Agmatine, dramatically support increased muscle pumps*
  • Agmatine also offers antioxidant benefits*
  • GlycoCarn, a clinically-researched NO booster, supports increased muscle fullness and vascularity*
  • GlycoCarn offers skeletal muscle and cardiac tissue health supporting benefits while delivering powerful antioxidant properties*
  • Citrulline Malate promotes increased recovery and aerobic energy and decreased soreness*
  • Reduces mental and physical fatigue*
  • Great stimulant free pre-workout*
  • Increased vasodilatation*

Hybrid N.O. Ingredient Breakdown

Agmatine Sulfate

By using Agmatine Sulfate, MusclePharm has utilized the “Super Arginine” to take your pumps to explosive new levels.*

Agmatine inhibits nitric oxide synthase, which prevents the toxic effects associated with NO synthesis. Part of this is the release of peptide hormones that play an important role during the cell proliferation process. Agmatine also supports better vasodilation. In fact, it has been suggested to contain numerous systemic vasodilatory effects. In addition, agmatine is a powerful antioxidant. Further benefits include increased glomerular filtration rate and insulin release from the pancreas, along with modulation of gastric function.*

Although Agmatine inhibits some NOS Synthase (the enzyme that synthesizes NO), it both enhances and increases the levels and expression of endogenous NO Synthase (eNOS). You’re left with shirt-splitting pumps that help take your workouts skyward. You’ve experienced pumps. But not these pumps. “Super Arginine”-loaded Hybrid NO delivers.*


Known as glycine propionyl-L-carnitine, GlyoCarn is not only a glucogenic amino acid but is also crucial in the formation of creatine. The strong vasodilatory effects of NO have recently been suggested to increase nitric oxide production, as well as support increased peak power while reducing lactic acid buildup.*

GlycoCarn, a scientifically-researched nitric oxide booster, encourages blood flow throughout the muscles. In fact, super-powerful GlyoCarn is one of the only ingredients suggested to increase nitric oxide levels in the human bloodstream. Its considerable list of benefits includes antioxidant activity, decreasing levels of MDA (malondialdehyde) in the post exercise phase, increased blood flow and enhanced ATP production. All in all, it helps you achieve better results during high-intensity exercise.*

Hawthorn Berry and Beet Root

Hawthorn Berry is an extract that has been around for centuries—it’s one of the oldest natural wellness herbal plants used in Europe. Hawthorne benefits the circulatory system, promoting healthy flow of blood throughout the body. This is a benefit athletes especially can appreciate.*

As an added antioxidant, the Hawthorn berry in Hybrid NO increases vasodilatation and offers numerous recovery supporting benefits.*

A vegetable abundant in nitrates, Beet Root’s dietary nitrate is reduced to bioactive nitrite NO2. It is then reduced further to nitric oxide as it is consumed. The result is increased plasma NO2. Dietary Beet Root supplementation may also help reduce muscle ATP turnover rate when you are under a heavy workload. Beet Root demonstrates potential to enhance exercise tolerance during lengthy endurance sessions.*

Studies suggest that along with numerous other health benefits, the combination of Hawthorn Berry and Beet Root yields a higher level of NO production and exercise tolerance. Studies also have suggested that, together, they immediately produce NO as well as provide a sustained release of the nutrient over the course of about one hour.

Hawthorn Berry and Beet Root also foster a steady rise in plasma nitrates and when broken down, these yield extra Nitric Oxide. They also lead to higher levels of plasma nitrite and nitrate, which further increase systemic Nitric Oxide bioavailability. Along with higher exercise tolerance and health promoting benefits, get ready for a Nitric Oxide pump unmatched by other supplements.*

But MusclePharm didn’t stop there. We fully deploy the range of benefits of the nutrient Citrulline Malate. This extra step creates the complete NO product.

Citrulline Malate

A mixture of citrulline and malate, the citrulline involved allows the detoxification of ammonia. Malate is a key controller of aerobic ATP production rates. Combined, these two promote immense benefits. Active individuals may enjoy added energy production in aerobic exercise and decreased muscle soreness.*

Scientifically, Citrulline Malate is used to synthesize L-arginine. This produces a recycling effect, and L-citrulline becomes NO through the L-Arginine. This process amplifies the effectiveness of the ingredients Glycocarn and Agmatine, which support improved aerobic performance and capacity by increasing the rate of oxidative ATP production during exercise. Post-exercise, it promotes an increased rate of phosphocreatine production for more effective recovery. CM may also decrease soreness in the gym by increasing rates of clearance of lactate and ammonia after exercise. At the same time, this buffers acidosis. Better recovery and decreased soreness supports size and strength gains. In huge ways. Those massive pumps from Hybrid NO pave the way to massive gains!*

Experience the Ultimate Pump!

MP is about delivering the best pumps possible. With the formulation of Hybrid NO, you have it. MP has delivered a product that leaves you primed and ready to attack your workout and destroy plateaus.*

For mind-blowing pumps that stand out, say “No” to other NO products, and “Yes” to MP’s powerful Hybrid NO!*

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