Muscle Warfare : MRE

Muscle Warfare : MRE

Brand : Muscle WarfareProduct Categories : Vitamins & More
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Muscle Warfare : MRE


MRE is a groundbreaking protein innovation from Muscle Warfare researchers that will become an essential part of your supplement arsenal! MRE’s results driven formula will likely reshape the way all protein blends are made. The first thing you might notice about MRE is that the bottle is smaller. That’s because we don’t use any zero quality whey protein concentrate, casein, fillers or added fats and carbs in our formula. Therefore, less space is taken up and we’re not going to try and put it in a huge, half-filled bottle just to gain shelf space to mislead you either. The fact is, most other protein “blends” are almost entirely whey protein concentrate, which is a much less refined and impure protein when compared to the primary components of MRE. Also, casein is a low quality protein and part of many gluten free diets due to its similar chemical structure. Casein also causes stomach distension with its micellar encapsulation. Therefore, MRE leaves this one out too! Lactose is another culprit for inflammation, bloating and allergies… MRE has very low levels of this one as well!

So what you “do get” with MRE is only the highest quality protein sources with the best amino acid profiles for building muscle and supporting joint tissue. MRE starts with 100 % pure cross flow filtered whey isolate, which is highly refined and low in lactose, fat and carbs. This is the staple of this formula! Next, whey hydrolysate is further enzymatically refined and is as close to ingesting pure aminos as you can get from a bonded protein source.

We added this gem too. Then, collagen hydrolysate is added to provide dramatic support for joint tissue with its high nitrogen amino acid profile (proline, hydroxy-proline & glycine). The final component of the protein matrix is egg albumin due to its rich amino acid base. This superior MRE blend includes a broad spectrum of amino acid profiles with differing digestion rates for optimal utilization by the body.

MRE is then fortified with an ultra-potent 8:1:1 BCAA blend with L-Glutamine to get your body into a primed anabolic state. Plus, a cutting-edge enzyme blend for maximum assimilation and digestion of the included proteins. Finally, the taste and mixing ease of MRE is the result of months of work and you will certainly be satisfied! There you have it! A sophisticated blend of proteins of the absolute highest quality available in the market place with none of the stuff you don’t want in your formula! MRE is simply a true professional grade protein blend for the next generation athlete seeking serious results from their protein blend!

Here is how it works:

MRE Protein is to be used as a dietary supplement. Depending on your personal protein needs, mix 1-3 scoops of MRE Protein with cold water, skim milk or lactose free skim milk in a shaker cup or blender. You may also simply stir MRE with a spoon and water, as it mixes easily. A banana may be added for enhanced flavor, consistency, carbohydrate and calorie content. For maximum results, drink MRE protein 2-3 times daily.

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