Muscle Warfare : NUKE

Muscle Warfare : NUKE

Brand : Muscle WarfareProduct Categories : Intra Workout
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Muscle Warfare : NUKE
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Intra & Post Performance Amino Acid Matrix

  • Instant Amino Acid Muscle Infusion*
  • BCAA 8:1:1 Precision Blend*
  • Free Form Essential Amino Acids*
  • High Molecular Weight Carbohydrates*
  • Multi-Phase DNA/RNA Encoding Matrix*
  • Potent Anabolic & Anti-Catabolic *

Muscle Warfare Nuke is engineered to provide 8 essential free-form amino acids with specialized high molecular weight carbohydrate delivery system. It also includes multi-phase myobolic nutrients for maximum muscle recovery potential*

Essential Aminos + BCAAs (8:1:1 Ratio)

The “Complete” Anabolic Amino Acid Sequence

Silk is for knitting, it’s not the ‘complete’ sequence for extreme muscle growth…

Introducing NUKE, the most complete intra and post workout amino acid formula ever designed! It’s called NUKE for a reason as it is the elite muscle building weapon available for instant, potent and devastatingly effective amino acid delivery during and after intense training. Forget about other company’s claims of theoretical amino acid sequences and the accompanying marketing hype surrounding a ‘single’ animal study. The components, profiles and ratios of amino acids used in NUKE have been the subject of hundreds of published human studies and are scientifically proven to be the most important for muscle growth and recovery, period. With NUKE, your chance is finally here to use what scientists (and our beta testers) have really determined will give you the best results during and right after your hard training!*

Amino Acids that Bring the PUMP

You may “actually feel” your muscles starting to grow DURING your first workout! That’s the plain truth… and kind of FREAKY!*

Although hard to describe, it’s an incredibly awesome experience that also includes an enormous PUMP! How did we accomplish this effect with NUKE? Well, let’s explain the science. Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) are the ones your body requires on a daily basis, at minimum, to build muscle tissue. You simply need all of them and cannot build muscle without them! And when taken during training in their Free Form (not needing to be digested first as from a protein source like whey), the results of EAAs are felt instantaneously, with muscle engorging effects! It’s like giving an extremely thirsty person who has been wandering in the desert a gallon of water to chug! Likewise, NUKE satisfies your muscles intense thirst for all of the aminos that they so desperately need! And, it does this in an instant! This complete saturation of essential aminos that occurs inside your muscles during their most depleted condition (from intense training) trips the anabolic switch! NUKE’s essential aminos, like a rushing deluge of muscle building materials and signals, flood the muscle cells and force a powerful anabolic response. The muscles then can’t help but feel a sense of complete satisfaction as they get engorged, while explosively starting to build more muscle tissue! Sounds exciting, and is only the first part of the NUKE experience.*

Precision Amino Dosing

Once you feel the instant blast of essential amino acids that NUKE provides, you will know why it is called NUKE! Like the Manhattan Project, it all started with ‘real’ science too!*

In case you weren’t aware, scientists have created categories for amino acids derived from their necessity for normal human function. These are the essential amino acids (EAAs), the ones your body absolutely needs and cannot manufacture itself, and non-essential amino acids, the ones your body can create on its own from food, essential amino acids, and other biological sources. So, scientifically speaking, the essential amino acids are obviously the most important for muscle growth because as long as you get EAAs, your body can make the rest easily. They are, just as their name implies, absolutely essential. BCAAs are the 3 most popular essential amino acids, with Leucine (via the mTOR anabolic pathway) being the most potent and scientifically proven of the 3 to increase anabolic muscle growth activity (hence, our 8:1:1 ratio). Also, not many are aware that both Glutamine and Arginine are considered conditionally essential amino acids. Meaning they are specifically needed in higher quantities during periods of extreme stress (such as training). NUKE’s cutting edge formula has been uniquely dosed with all of these aforementioned aminos in a precise dosing pattern for maximum muscle building effect!*

Enhanced Availability and Absorption

NUKE’s high speed carbohydrate delivery system, enzyme blend and multi-phase Myobolic nutrients boost the recovery effects of the included EAAs to an astonishing level!*

As if just providing the essential and conditionally essential amino acids wasn’t enough, we wanted to insure their instant availability during training. We accomplished this with a specialized carbohydrate delivery system that uses high molecular weight carbs, which help force aminos into the body through osmotic gradient in the stomach. Additionally, we included key enzymes shown to enhance delivery of amino acids and aid in muscle recovery. Next, the Multi-Phase Myobolic Encoding Matrix includes several highly researched polyphenols that positively affect recovery through multiple pathways, further synergizing the anabolic environment. There’s a TON of ‘real science’ backing all of these remarkable compounds too! NUKE simply turns on the anabolic switch, and keeps the pedal pressed down to the maximum speed position during and after your training! You can’t help but grow!*

The Most Sophisticated Amino Acid Product Ever

With all of these remarkable components combined, you are simply are left with the most complete and sophisticated amino acid product ever available!*

The time for talking is done. It’s time to hit the gym under the influence of NUKE and see what all the hype is about! It stacks great with Napalm and any of our other products! Plus, if you don’t like stimulants before you train, NUKE can be used as a non-stimulant pre-workout product as well! Go grab a bottle and experience the explosive, instant muscle growth induction & FREAKY PUMP! Plus, the incredible total body recovery effects of NUKE today!*

  • 30 Servings

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