MuscleTech : AlphaTest

MuscleTech : AlphaTest

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MuscleTech : AlphaTest

Super Concentrated Performance and Testosterone Booster

AlphaTest is a powerful testosterone booster that delivers multiple powerful ingredients at the full amounts documented for their effectiveness in human clinical studies. Unlike other testosterone-boosting products that use misleading animal research and have little to no human research to support their claims, AlphaTest is formulated with key ingredients supported by four separate human clinical studies.*

Elevate Free (Active) Testosterone

AlphaTest is formulated with boron citrate that supplies a precise dose of boron shown in a recent 2011 scientific research study on eight healthy male volunteers to significantly increase free (active) testosterone levels and decrease estradiol levels.1 Free testosterone is the most active form of testosterone and is critical to initiating the muscle-building process.*

Increase Overall Testosterone Levels

A unique and patented combination of saw palmetto and astaxanthin (Mytosterone) has also been added at an amount shown in human research to increase testosterone to near maximum physiological levels. In addition, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) conversion in subjects was decreased.2

AlphaTest is also scientifically engineered to help support normal zinc levels. Adequate zinc levels help maintain optimal testosterone production within the normal healthy range.4

Enhance Performance

AlphaTest contains the effective dose combination of Rhodiola crenulata and Ginkgo biloba shown in a clinical study to help maintain peak testosterone to cortisol ratio after an intense training regimen. The treatment group also greatly enhanced their performance as measured by an increase in their VO2 Max, which is the maximum capacity of body to transport and use oxygen during exercise. No other testosterone booster delivers this kind of powerful performance.3


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  • 120 Capsules

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