MuscleTech : Anabolic Halo

MuscleTech : Anabolic Halo

Brand : MuscleTechProduct Categories : Protein Powder
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MuscleTech : Anabolic Halo

New and improved Anabolic Halo is a powerful all-in-one formula designed to be taken once daily to drive muscle growth, strength and recovery while training hard. The new and improved formula is designed to eliminate the confusion of which products to take and having to remember to take them several times a day.*

Get More for Your Money: 7 Products in 1 ($200 Value)

1. Replaces Protein Shake (Value of $40.00)

Anabolic Halo features a 40-gram multi-phase protein system that supplies fast, medium and slow-digesting proteins, which replaces your need to take other protein powder supplements. Protein provides critical amino acids that move through the digestive system at varying speeds, providing extended delivery of amino acids in the blood. This helps to create greater nitrogen retention (critical for building muscle) for longer periods of time.▲*

2. Replaces Recovery Shake (Value of $27.00)

Anabolic Halo eliminates the need to take a separate post-workout powder as it is the first and only all-in-one formula to contain tart cherry concentrate, which provides a number of powerful phytonutrients that are protected by a specialized skin matrix to ensure potency. These phytonutrients in tart cherries are shown in an emerging body of research to help improve muscle recovery after training through the reduction of post-workout pain.1,2

3. Replaces Creatine Drink (Value of $40.00)

Some creatine drinks deliver as little as 750mg of creatine per serving, which is not shown in research to support muscle growth and strength. This is why Anabolic Halo delivers a full 5-gram clinically validated dose proven in human research to increase muscle growth and strength fast.▲*

4. Replaces Electrolyte Drink (Value of $28.00)

The full-spectrum Anabolic Halo formula supplies essential electrolytes such as calcium and magnesium. There is no need to buy an additional electrolyte beverage.*

5. Replaces Amino Acid Drink (Value of $30.00)

In addition to its key ingredients, Anabolic Halo supplies 6 grams of BCAAs, which help fuel your skeletal muscles, support muscle glycogen resynthesis and reduce the amount of protein breakdown. Anabolic Halo also provides a 2-gram dose of L-alanine. L-alanine is the second-most used amino acid after L-leucine in protein synthesis. The formula also delivers a 2-gram dose of taurine, which aids cell volumization.▲*

6. Replaces Glutamine Shake (Value of $15.00)

Anabolic Halo supplies 5 grams of an advanced glutamine and glutamic acid blend to help restore plasma glutamine levels that may have been depleted after periods of intense training.▲*

7. Replaces Carbohydrate Drink (Value of $20.00)

Formulated with a multi-stage carbohydrate blend that features fast- and slow-digesting carbohydrates, Anabolic Halo promotes muscle glycogen replenishment and cell volumization, removing the need to consume a separate carbohydrate energy drink.*

Get More for Your Money

Unlike the competition, Performance Series products contain superior key ingredients in clinically dosed amounts that are fully disclosed so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Best-in-Class Taste

Every flavor won in head-to-head third-party taste tests against the leading competitors.

▲ Per 2 Scoop Serving.


  1. Kuehl et al., 2010. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. 7:17.
  2. Connolly et al., 2006. British Journal of Sports Medicine. 40:679–683.

  • 32 Servings

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