Mutant : Pump

Mutant : Pump

Brand : MutantProduct Categories : Pre Workout Powder
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Mutant : Pump

Mutant Pump

  • Engineered for uncensored freaky pumps!*
  • Pushes N.O. activation beyond known physical limits.*
  • Forces thunderous blood-racing vascularity & fullness.*
  • Experience thick, granite-like muscle hardness like never before.*

What to Expect on Mutant Pump

Mutant Pump is hands down the most addicting Mutant supplement ever brought to life. This scientifically sick formula combines the most potent nitric oxide hyper-activating ingredients ever found on the face of the planet. You may think you know what a real pump feels like but you haven’t even scratched the surface yet until you’ve tried this powerful formula!

Mutant Pump is a powerful dose dependent activator. What does that mean? It means each time, and every time you down a super potent dose of Mutant Pump you will get a blood-drenching muscle pump of epic proportions. It all starts about 15 minutes before your iron session when you down a fully charged dose of Mutant Pump. At that very moment, the scientifically superior, action-oriented ingredients in the formula begin to infiltrate your system. Powerful nitric oxide stimulators take charge, spiking levels into the atmosphere. Blood starts to race through every vein, artery and blood vessel in your body forcing them to the skin surface drenched in blood on the verge of exploding! As soon as you grab a weight your arms will look like three-dimensional road maps! But we have to warn you: Your pump will be so sick that it will be hard to get your workout done because you’ll be so distracted by your freaky reflection in the mirror!*

Experience a Pump of Pure Addiction

The pump is one of the most addicting feelings for a true Mutant. If the pump is not felt, the workout can seem like a total waste so the Mutant Scientists made it their mission to construct a formula that would never let you down! Using a rare, bleed-edge complex called HYPEROX, Mutant Pump super-charges the power of L-Arginine to rocket nitric oxide (N.O.) beyond known physical levels! Combine that with clinically-proven compounds such as L-Citrulline, which also helps to rapidly boost nitric oxide formation for even greater effects, and you have a pump activating formula for the ages. There’s even new research studying how L-Citrulline can increase the efficiency of muscular contractions!

But none of that science stuff really matters to you in the end. All you want is real results you can see and feel in the gym and beyond! Bottom line: Mutant Pump forces thunderous blood-racing vascularity and extreme muscle fullness. Not just from the first dose, not just for a few minutes, Mutant Pump delivers skin-stretching, vein soaking results so powerful and long-lasting that you will become addicted to it after the very first hit. Other pump formulas claim to give you results but what you don’t know is that the majority of them are severely under-dosed and pathetically ineffective. In fact, many of them actually contain pump inhibiting stimulant ingredients like caffeine just to make you think you’re getting results but in actual fact, you’re just getting a little buzz and less of a true pump. Mutant Pump is a scientifically dominant formula that’s specifically engineered to give you the craziest, sickest, most obscene muscle pumps you can imagine bar none! No fillers, no stimulants, no crap!*

Leave Humanity Behind

It’s no secret, the first time you ever experienced a pump in the gym was the moment you started your path to becoming a full-fledged Mutant. From that day on you have dedicated yourself to getting insanely massive, ridiculously strong and completely freaky in the eyes of society. We admire your goal and have committed all our resources to researching and testing the most effective, extremely powerful muscle mutating ingredients in science. Mutant Pump was inspired by the true Mutant Freaks who roam the iron sanctuaries. The fact is, you want muscle, you want strength but most of all you want to be noticed as an individual who has given their life to the pursuit of physical perfection. The voices in your head are different from everyone else’s, the mirror is your only judge and the scale never lies! This is your goal and this is your purpose.

Mutant Pump pulls veins from deep down beneath your skin forcing them to virtually explode to the surface. With vascularity of this magnitude, people will stare uncontrollably and may even look at you in disgust and the mirror will be screaming for your attention. Even though the Mutant Pump dosing directions clearly indicate to only take on training days, you are going to have the urge to take it constantly! But take notice, this potent Mutant Pump formula is not to be abused. It’s time to redefine the pump experience. It’s time to feel a pump so powerful and blood drenched that you can barely bend your arms to lift the weight! It’s time to get on Mutant Pump so you never have another disappointing, lack luster workout again!*

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