Nutrakey : Liquid L-Carnitine 1500

Nutrakey : Liquid L-Carnitine 1500

Brand : NutrakeyProduct Categories : L-Carnitine
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Nutrakey : Liquid L-Carnitine 1500


Closely related to B vitamins and naturally found alongside healthy fats in avocadoes, dairy products, and red meat, L-Carnitine has been used extensively since the 1980s to promote fat-loss, increase energy levels, and protect the brain from free radical damage.*

Primarily found in our muscle and brain tissues, L-Carnitine is essential in the process of transporting long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria of our cells. Mitochondria (the energy creators of our bodies), is then able to oxidize this fat into adenosine triphosphate (ATP) or the essential fuel that our bodies need to contract muscles and do just about anything else.*

  • Essential in Energy Metabolism!*
  • rofound Effects on Endurance!*
  • May Enhance Cognition!*

By assisting your body to transform long-chain fatty acids into energy, L-Carnitine is used both as a dieting tool and as a pre-workout supplement. Since L-Carnitine promotes fat as the primary source of energy, often greater amounts of glycogen are available in your muscles – allowing you to workout harder while ensuring that greater amounts of energy come from fat instead of muscle.*

L-Carnitine also assists the body by preventing lactic acid from accumulating in your muscles (lactic acid creates the burning feeling when you’re near exhaustion), which means you’ll be able to workout longer and recover more quickly.*

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