Nutrex : Lipo-6 Hers

Nutrex : Lipo-6 Hers

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Nutrex : Lipo-6 Hers

Lipo-6 Hers

  • Maximum Strength Formula For Women
  • Rapid Fat-Burning Support*
  • Fast-Acting Liquid Capsule
  • Animal-Free Capsule Material

LIPO-6 Hers is a ground breaking fat-loss formula specifically formulated for women that utilizes fast-acting liquid-capsules for maximum results. This unique weight loss agent combines speed and strength with animal-free capsule material assisting in rapid and healthy weight-loss.*

Speed: Superior liquid capsules offer a fast and complete absorption of the powerful fat-burning components in LIPO-6 Hers. Without delay, LIPO-6 Hers goes to work almost instantly and targets stored body fat.*

Strength: LIPO-6 Hers consists of pure pharmaceutical-strength ingredients and does not contain herbal compounds that can’t be as efficiently absorbed by the human body. This allows for a rapid and pronounced fat-loss effect with LIPO-6 Hers.*

Animal-Free Capsule Material: LIPO-6 Hers utilizes only natural vegetable capsules that are free of animal products. Offering capsules that are of plant origin makes LIPO-6 Hers the ideal choice.

  • 120 Capsules

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