Olympus Labs : DermaSTRENGTH Unleashed

Olympus Labs : DermaSTRENGTH Unleashed

Brand : Olympus LabsProduct Categories : Laxogenin
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Olympus Labs : DermaSTRENGTH Unleashed

Olympus Labs DermaSTRENGTH Unleashed
DermaSTRENGTH Unleashed is a testament to Olympus Labs commitment of bringing the most effective supplements to the market. The new DermaSTRENGTH Unleashed features the same Laxogenin that you got outstanding results from as before but this time with an upgraded delivery system called PhytoFUSE. PhytoFUSE is the premier methodology to increase the bio-availability and absorption of nutraceutical ingredients, especially herbal ingredients and their extracts which tend to have poor absorption in the body. This means you get even more of this powerful natural anabolic into your system than ever before! If you are looking to naturally increase muscle size and strength look no further. Olympus Labs is proud to present DermaSTRENGTH Unleashed!
Olympus Labs DermaSTRENGTH Unleashed features 60 servings with each serving containing 50mg of Laxogenin in an advanced PhytoFUSE transdermal carrier designed to maximize absorption. Not only does PhytoFUSE technology help with absorption & bio-availability, but it also helps with distribution of the PhytoFUSED ingredient in the body! DermaSTRENGTH Unleashed provides you with 3000mg of Laxogenin per bottle which is an unbeatable value compared to similar products! DermaSTRENGTH Unleashed is the ultimate natural alternative to prohormones for building real muscle mass and strength!
Olympus Labs DermaSTRENGTH Unleashed Key Benefits

  • Extreme Strength Gains
  • Fuller Muscles
  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Cortisol, Thyroid, & Glucose Control
  • Non-Hormonal

It will now be possible to realize the full potential of 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin; increased strength, glucose uptake into the muscles and protein synthesis resulting in improved body composition. But that’s not all, it is believed Laxogenin can provide cortisol control, improve thyroid function and improve joint function. Do not be deterred from a prior experience with Laxogenin. There was doubt when EP1C UNLEASHED was released, but no longer! Olympus Labs converted the non-believers and the next wave in the PhytoFUSE Series will correct the injustice that is found in the poor bio-availability and absorption of other laxogenin products.

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